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Grenfell families ‘enraged’ by plan to keep ‘stay put’ policy

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Bereaved relatives of the Grenfell Tower blaze have said they are “enraged” by government plans to keep the controversial “stay put” policy instead of adopting an inquiry recommendation. Grenfell United has criticised...

L'ex politico conservatore era presidente della National Farmers' Union da

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L'ex politico conservatore era presidente della National Farmers' Union da, L'ex politico conservatore era presidente della National Farmers' Union da, L'ex politico conservatore era presidente della National Farmers' Union da.

Grenfell Tower inquiry exposes miscommunication, poor governance and misguided policies

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The architect Sam Webb has never forgotten walking into the charred, smoke-blackened bathroom on the 11th floor of a tower block devastated by fire in July 2009. In the soot-covered bathtub were the smeared imprints o...

Grenfell inquiry told government had ideological aversion to red tape

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Calls to regulate against the potential incompetence of people who check fire risks in buildings before the Grenfell Tower disaster were dismissed by government ministers because of an “ideological” aversion to increa...

No Grenfell inquiry recommendations enacted by government, says Sadiq Khan

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Ministers have “failed to complete a single recommendation” from the first phase of a public inquiry into the devastating Grenfell Tower fire, Sadiq Khan has said. The inquiry, which looked at where the June 2017 fire...

Grenfell Athletic: the football club uniting a community hit by tragedy

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Hundreds of Sunday League clubs are in action up and down the country every week, but one of them stands out. Grenfell Athletic play in the premier division of the Middlesex County Sunday League and are only watched b...

Housing ministry ‘started rebuttal operation two days after Grenfell fire’

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Two days after the Grenfell Tower fire, the UK government mounted a rebuttal operation to counter potentially damaging reports that building regulations had allowed the use of combustible cladding, the public inquiry ...

Grenfell inquiry final phase: will politicians be held accountable?

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As the Grenfell inquiry heads towards its concluding stages, politicians will be called to account for their part in the deadly fire. Our social affairs correspondent Robert Booth has been watching on throughout• How ...

inchiesta Grenfell: ex-ministers and serving secretary of state to be cross-examined

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Four former ministers and a serving secretary of state will be cross-examined this year in a potentially politically explosive climax to the four-year Grenfell Tower public inquiry. Eric Pickles, the former secretary ...

Grenfell survivors urge police to speed up criminal investigation

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Grenfell Tower survivors are demanding police accelerate their criminal investigation into the disaster so prosecutors can bring charges immediately, arguing enough evidence has emerged to deliver justice for their 72...

Grenfell delivers yet more horrors. But the guilty still fail to take responsibility

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Lying. Refusing to follow rules. Mocking the little people. Deflecting any blame. Not just this government’s response to a Christmas party that “never took place”, but the response of successive governments to the iss...

Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes team ends deal with Grenfell firm

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The Mercedes Formula One team and a firm that made combustible insulation used on Grenfell Tower have ended their sponsorship deal after outrage from bereaved friends and relatives, the survivors and the UK government...

inchiesta Grenfell: governo "profondamente dispiaciuto per i fallimenti passati"

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Il governo si è scusato per i fallimenti che hanno portato all'incendio della Grenfell Tower, ammettere "errori e opportunità mancate" che hanno contribuito a creare "un ambiente in cui una simile tragedia era possibile". Ha detto ch...

Il team di F1 di Lewis Hamilton è sotto pressione per annullare l'accordo sul rivestimento di Grenfell

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Il team Mercedes di Formula 1 di Lewis Hamilton sta affrontando crescenti pressioni per annullare un accordo di sponsorizzazione con un'azienda che ha realizzato isolamenti combustibili sulla Grenfell Tower, dopo che il governo ha minacciato di cambiare la pubblicità r...

Torre Grenfell: Gove si unisce alla condanna dell'accordo di Lewis Hamilton in F1

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La rabbia per l'auto di Formula 1 di Lewis Hamilton sponsorizzata da un'azienda che produceva l'isolamento combustibile utilizzato sulla Grenfell Tower si è intensificata dopo che un ministro del governo ha chiesto un'inversione a U da parte della Mercedes. Michael Gove, il sec...

inchiesta Grenfell: fire chief admits brigade part of ‘institutional failure’

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The London fire brigade was part of “the most appalling example of institutional failure … in recent British history” at Grenfell Tower, the organisation’s current leader has admitted. Andy Roe, the London fire commis...

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