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Gregg Wallace’s Grand Christmas Adventure: one of the year’s oddest TV shows

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Gregg Wallace, Gregg Wallace, Gregg Wallace. I have to be up front and say: I love the man. There are lots of celebrities I enjoy playing a hypothetical game with where I explain who they are and why they are famous i...

How the Balloon World Cup blew up to become your new favourite sport

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Who hasn’t been at a children’s party and started an impromptu game of keep-ups with a balloon? It’s fun, addictive and can get fiercely competitive. Bien, that same game has just had its own World Cup, won by Peru, a...

El Alamein, Dresden and a cold war spy: the incredible life of Victor Gregg

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I first met Victor Gregg on a freezing afternoon in 2009 when we were to talk about his experiences in the second world war. Él era 90 and had sent me an email saying he would pick me up at Winchester station. When I ...

TV esta noche: Gregg Wallace está de vuelta por más fines de semana

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El gourmand de TV Gregg Wallace está de regreso para una nueva serie de viajes culinarios, salpicado de datos del tamaño de un bocado sobre sus lugares de vacaciones, esta semana haciendo escala en la capital del kebab, Estanbul. El toma su selección de oro,...