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German Greens vote to expel city mayor over online racial slur

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The leadership of Germany’s high-flying Green party is facing the first test of its authority ahead of national elections in September, after a prominent Green mayor posted a racial slur about a German national footba...

Surging Greens pitch to replace Lib Dems as England’s third party

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The co-leader of the Green party has said voters have finally come to accept his party as a credible electoral force as he marked gains from both Labour and the Conservatives in local elections. Jonathan Bartley said ...

Germany’s surging Greens step up election race to succeed Merkel

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Five months ahead of national elections, a Green party that once styled itself as the rebel of German politics is finding itself in an unusually respectable position. The party’s standing in the polls – in second plac...

Scottish Greens ‘willing to have conversation’ on coalition with SNP

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The Scottish Greens would be “willing to have the conversation” about a formal coalition with the SNP, their co-leader Patrick Harvie has suggested, as the party set out detailed plans for a green economic recovery fr...

Bullish Greens target ‘lacklustreLabour in May local elections

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Andy Fewings says that when he first started canvassing for the Green party in Burnley, they were not exactly an established force. “One person at a door thought they were being invited to a party where everyone wore ...

Political party set up by school climate strikers takes on German Greens

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A party founded by school climate strikers is standing in the German local elections, hoping to entice Green party supporters and first-time voters. Two of Klimaliste’s (Climate List) founders were leaders of the stud...

Scottish budget: SNP agree deal with Greens and Lib Dems

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The Scottish government expects to pass its budget plans through Holyrood later on Tuesday after the Greens and the Liberal Democrats secured significant extra funding deals in advance of May’s Holyrood election. Die ...

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