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Jimmy Greaves: peerless player whose legacy is etched in football history

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Farewell, luego, Palanqueta. Sporting celebrities come and go but Greaves, que ha muerto a la edad de 81, was something different, not just a peerless English goalscorer but a footballer who remained etched in the memory of...

Jimmy Greaves redefined perception of what a centre-forward should be

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For those of us too young to have caught the end of Jimmy Greaves’s playing career, there was always a slightly awkward adjustment to be made. He remained the goalscorer to whom all others were compared for two decade...

Jimmy Greaves was a genius, the purest finisher England has produced

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When Jimmy Greaves was playing against the team you supported, a sense of foreboding accompanied you through the turnstiles. The pleasurable anticipation of witnessing one of the greatest footballers of his era was se...

Jimmy Greaves, Inglaterra y Tottenham grandes, muere envejecido 81

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Jimmy Greaves, Festejado como uno de los mejores delanteros de Inglaterra y miembro del equipo que ganó el 1966 Copa Mundial, ha muerto a la edad de 81. “Nos entristece muchísimo enterarnos del fallecimiento del gran Jimmy Greave ....