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Jimmy Greaves: peerless player whose legacy is etched in football history

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Farewell, dan, Jimmy. Sporting celebrities come and go but Greaves, wat gesterf het op die ouderdom van 81, was something different, not just a peerless English goalscorer but a footballer who remained etched in the memory of...

Jimmy Greaves redefined perception of what a centre-forward should be

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For those of us too young to have caught the end of Jimmy Greaves’s playing career, there was always a slightly awkward adjustment to be made. He remained the goalscorer to whom all others were compared for two decade...

Jimmy Greaves was a genius, the purest finisher England has produced

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When Jimmy Greaves was playing against the team you supported, a sense of foreboding accompanied you through the turnstiles. The pleasurable anticipation of witnessing one of the greatest footballers of his era was se...

Jimmy Greaves, England and Tottenham great, sterf bejaardes 81

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Jimmy Greaves, feted as one of England’s greatest strikers and a member of the squad that won the 1966 Wêreldbeker, is op die ouderdom van 81. “We are extremely saddened to learn of the passing of the great Jimmy Greave...