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All Creatures Great and Small gently conquers America

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Rolling Stone magazine has called it “incredible balm”, and the New York Times extolled its “cheerful optimistic tone”. American viewers are enthralled by its bucolic setting, the small, everyday dramas and its old-fa...

From hippos to hamsters: how Covid is affecting creatures great and small

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A year ago humanity embarked on a project to vaccinate every person against Covid-19. But in recent months a shadow vaccination campaign has also been taking place. From giraffes to snow leopards, gorillas to sea lion...

Animal magic! All Creatures Great and Small is the comforting TV we all need

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When Channel 5 decided to revive James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small – first broadcast between 1978 e 1990 – it could not possibly have known what sort of a world the new version would crash into. It debut...