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Serena Williams adapts to age and is still a threat on Wimbledon’s grass

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Three short weeks ago, Serena Williams sat down for her press conference at the French Open after a bitter straight-sets loss in the fourth round to the young Kazakh Elena Rybakina. During most other phases of William...

The brilliance of brown lawns: why your grass shouldn’t always be greener

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Naam: Brown lawns. Colour: Bruin, natuurlik. Voorkoms: Much more lovely than you would imagine. I don’t think brown lawns are very lovely at all. Ah, I see. You seem to be someone who takes pride in their lawn. Uni...

Scrawny trees, patchy grass, terrible viewwhy £6m Marble Arch Mound still falls flat

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It has been called a “BTec Eiffel Tower” and a “slag heap”. It’s been compared to “a car-park Santa’s grotto, with dogs pretending to be reindeer”. The Marble Arch Mound, the temporary artificial hill commissioned by ...

Las Vegas’s new strategy for tackling drought – banning ‘useless grass’

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In Sin City, one thing that will soon become unforgivable is useless grass. A new Nevada law will outlaw about 40% of the grass in the Las Vegas area in an effort to conserve water amid a drought that is drying up the...