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‘A joyous feeling’: Sampology on making a film with his grandfather – decades after he died

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With arms outstretched and legs kicking, a grandfather and grandson glide over office towers and city blocks, their flight powered by imagination, a rudimentary green screen and a VHS camera. The scene is part of a ca...

Nico Ali Walsh wears gift from grandfather Muhammad Ali in debut win

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Nico Ali Walsh, the grandson of former heavyweight champion and boxing legend Muhammad Ali, defeated Jordan Weeks by technical knockout in his professional boxing debut on Saturday. Middleweight fighter Ali Walsh is t...

Sunday with Julian Clary: ‘A G&T at noon in memory of my grandfather’

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What time are you up? About 7.30am. We can’t lie in because of our dogs, Albert and Gigi. Gigi can’t use the garden for her toileting needs, so it’s fairly urgent that we take the dogs to Regent’s Park. After the park...

‘He’s got a wee spring in his step’: 92-year-old grandfather becomes bestselling poet

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A self-published poetry anthology by a 92-year-old Scottish grandfather was outselling Amanda Gorman and Rupi Kaur on Amazon in the UK last week, after his granddaughter appealed to readers for reviews. Gordon McCullo...

'Die oupa van die nasie': Andrew en Edward onthou hul pa, Prins Philip - video

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Prins Andrew en prins Edward het hul vader hulde gebring, die hertog van Edinburgh, na sy dood. Die hertog van York het gesê dat die koningin stoïsyn moes wees en dat sy 'n groot leemte in haar lewe oorweeg. Prins Andrew en ...