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The government’s obesity U-turn is a total Eton mess

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You really couldn’t make it up. Once again, the government has got itself into a fine mess. Questa volta, it has gone back on its promise to make child health a priority, blowing a massive hole in its own obesity strateg...

Assisted dying advocates shift focus to Australian government’s territory ban

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Advocates for voluntary assisted dying say they will turn their attention to the federal government to strike down restrictions which prevent the ACT and Northern Territory from passing laws allowing euthanasia. The b...

Judge in Afghanistan ‘backstabbed’ by UK government’s refusal of sanctuary

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A senior judge who prosecuted terrorists and is now in hiding in Afghanistan feels “heartbroken, abandoned and backstabbed” by the British government for refusing to bring him to safety despite a high court ruling in ...

Governments need data about us despite privacy fears

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Next slide please. We soon caught on to the way it worked. Chris Whitty would give the word and up would pop a chart detailing the progress being made in the fight against Covid-19. There are memes and mugs to commemo...

Russia begins ‘gas blackmail’ halting supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, governments told

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Russia halted gas supplies to Poland through the Yamal pipeline early on Wednesday, EU transmission data showed, and plans to halt supplies to Bulgaria imminently, in an apparent warning shot to the rest of Europe. L...

Matt Hancock to publish tell-all book on government’s handling of pandemic

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Matt Hancock’s “inside story of the pandemic” will be published later this year, he has announced. During an interview on GB News on Wednesday night, the former health secretary said he would be releasing a book about...

The government’s stance on childcare reveals its character – and it’s ugly as hell

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Nelson Mandela famously declared that “the true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children”. If this is true, then our country’s soul is in a parlous state indeed. Rishi Sunak’s do-nothing spring s...

il direttore degli affari di governo di Communications Workers of America, Sostituzioni per P

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il direttore degli affari di governo di Communications Workers of America, il direttore degli affari di governo di Communications Workers of America.

Women struggle to get federal government’s $5,000 payment to escape domestic violence

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Women escaping domestic violence say they are struggling to access a $5,000 government payment designed to help victims leave an abusive relationship. Women have reported delays and poor communication with service pro...

Morrison government’s advertising spend tops Coles and McDonald’s

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The federal government spent more money on advertising last financial year than McDonald’s and Coles, new research suggests, prompting calls for greater oversight on taxpayer-funded public campaigns. A new paper from ...

MPs reject government’s ‘unimaginative’ choice for Charity Commission chair

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A committee of MPs has rejected the government’s choice for the next chair of the Charity Commission, blaming ministers for a “slapdash and unimaginative choice” in selecting the one-time Conservative parliamentary ca...

Rights watchdog sees 1,445% spike in questions about Victorian government’s powers during Covid

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Victoria’s human rights watchdog was flooded with inquiries about the state government’s powers during Covid, with the agency reporting a surge in queries and complaints. The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Righ...

This government’s latest education innovation? Shutting poorer students out of university

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Over the past decade, students in England have been subjected to a barrage of reforms that have made their lives worse. It started in 2012, when the coalition government’s decision to allow universities to triple tuit...

As the government’s anti-slavery chair, I see the Home Office failing – and victims suffering

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Modern slavery is a violation of human rights, affecting millions of men, women and children across the world and in the UK. People who are vulnerable due to circumstances of poverty, instability or forced migration a...

The UK government’s hypocrisy is keeping Jack Letts and his mother in purgatory

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I received a note the other day from Sally Lane, the mother of Jack Letts, the British teenager who went to Syria in his gap year and who remains uncontactable in a Kurdish prison camp, along with tens of thousands of...

The government’s Flickr photo-diary is a spoof unto itself

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Did you know the UK government had a Flickr account? A fast-moving succession of unexplained photographs create an impression that things involving Tory politicians are happening, at a very high level, and at some spe...

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