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NSW government told it cannot dock pay of MP charged with sexual abuse

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The New South Wales government has been told it cannot strip suspended MP Gareth Ward of his pay, staff or other entitlements without enacting new legislation, a step it should not take because it “may be vulnerable t...

Sizewell C ‘may cost double government estimates and take five years longer to build’

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The proposed Sizewell C nuclear power station could cost UK taxpayers more than double government estimates and take an extra five years to build, según estudios. Ministers will decide in July whether to approv...

Australia’s rightwing government weaponised climate change – now it has faced its reckoning

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When Scott Morrison won Australia’s federal election in 2019, it seemed like the country would never emerge from the climate wars that had begun a decade earlier. Morrison had taken the prime ministership late in 2018...

Australia election: conservative government voted out after nearly a decade

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Australia’s rightwing Coalition government has lost power after nearly a decade in office, with Saturday’s election showing a sharp shift to progressive parties that will result in a Labor government under Anthony Alb...

El gobierno de Nueva Gales del Sur gastó menos en PPE y salud mental, Auditoría de $ 7.5 mil millones de gastos de Covid encuentra

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El gobierno de Nueva Gales del Sur gastó menos de lo necesario en equipos de protección personal y servicios de salud mental y desembolsó cerca de 200 millones de dólares en máscaras y ventiladores importados defectuosos como parte de los gastos pandémicos de 7500 millones de dólares del estado..

“Veo a mi gobierno de manera diferente”: Las derrotas en Ucrania ponen a prueba la fe de los rusos

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Las imágenes satelitales y de drones desde arriba de Bilohorivka cuentan una historia de locura y destrucción.. Docenas de tanques rusos, vehículos de combate de infantería y camiones quedaron destruidos, algunos hundiéndose en las aguas del río Donets..

Funeral plans: government urged to set up fund for victims of failed providers

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The government has been urged to set up an emergency fund to help victims of failed funeral companies, after a recent collapse of a firm left 46,000 people facing losses. En marzo, Safe Hands collapsed into administra...

UK government suspends engagement with NUS over antisemitism allegations

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Ministers have banned official contact with the National Union of Students over long-running allegations of antisemitism within the organisation, despite the NUS’s pledge to work with Jewish students in an internal in...

Government refuses to release Lebedev peerage details despite MPs’ instruction

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The government has declined a Commons instruction to release information about the decision to make Evgeny Lebedev a peer, saying this would undermine the confidentiality of those nominated and could degenerate into “...

‘A great big lie’: researcher disputes government claim that 90% of GP visits are bulk-billed

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The Australian government says almost nine out of 10 visits to GP clinics are bulk-billed, but a health insurance researcher says gap fees often aren’t recorded, meaning the official data is “a great big lie”. Andrés ...

Will mass trespasses make the government reconsider burying its land reform plan?

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High on this government’s list of bad habits is its apparent compulsion to suppress its own reports. The latest was Lord Agnew’s review into the right to roam in England’s countryside. En la actualidad, solamente 8% of English la...

Reseña de The Return of the State de Graeme Garrard: por qué ha vuelto el gran gobierno

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Se aprenderán lecciones, dice todo el mundo tratando de obtener algo de sabiduría de la calamitosa pandemia que cayó sobre nosotros en 2020. Pero mirando hacia atrás en los bloqueos y las muertes, familiares y amigos invisibles, la sociedad sísmica...

Bid to have satanism classes in Queensland government schools dismissed as a ‘stunt’

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A bid to have satanism classes taught at some Queensland schools has been dismissed as “a base political stunt”, with a supreme court judge ordering the founder of the Noosa Temple of Satan to explain why he should no...

Government accused of betraying workers as employment bill is sidelined

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The government has been accused of betraying some of the lowest paid and most vulnerable workers in Britain after it emerged it would leave out landmark reforms to employment rights from the Queen’s speech. The employ...

UK government accused of ‘explaining away’ Covid race issues

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Ministers have been slow to tackle systematic racism and racial inequality during the pandemic, and persist in trying to explain away disproportionality in death rates, the head of the Covid-19 public inquiry has been...

The Guardian view on government drift: the rot starts at the top

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There is a limit to the number of times any product can be relaunched before it becomes clear that the basic design is flawed. That is also true of governments. Boris Johnson is braced for a poor Tory performance in T...

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