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Olympic boxing at risk, IOC warns Iba chief amid fresh governance worries

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The International Olympic Committee has warned the Russian president of amateur boxing that it still has “significant concerns” over the governance, integrity of judges, and financial sustainability of the organisatio...

The Guardian view on football governance: there must be no more Derbys

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“Dad came to Derby in 60s from India. Going to games probably made him feel less alien as all supported the same cause. We as a family done the same since ’92. City and club part of identity.” So reads one of hundreds...

Dispatches from the communist party’s people-led review of football governance

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“Football is a private sector business and has flourished that way. Enforcing a philosophy akin to Maoist collective agriculturalism (which students of The Great Leap Forward will know culminated in the greatest famin...

La uefa se enfrenta a un llamado a reformar la gobernanza para frenar la amenaza de la Superliga

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Dos organizaciones en el corazón del fútbol europeo han roto filas con la UEFA, pidiendo una reforma completa de la gobernanza para evitar la amenaza recurrente de una Superliga. Fifpro, la unión internacional de jugadores, a...

Online retailer THG to strengthen board after governance concerns

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The online retailer THG is to strengthen its board with the appointment of an independent chair after concerns about governance and the future of the business led to a slump in its valuation. sin embargo, more than £800m ...

La visión de The Guardian sobre la gobernanza del fútbol inglés: en necesidad de una brújula moral

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Quizás fue el escritor y periodista Arthur Hopcraft quien se acercó más al corazón del atractivo visceral de nuestro juego nacional.. En el futbolista, publicado dos años después de que Inglaterra ganara la Copa del Mundo en 1966, Hopc ...

UK minister promises to look at football governance after Super League fiasco

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The withdrawal of six English Premier League clubs from the European Super League highlights the need to examine the governance of football, the UK culture secretary has said, pledging “we will not have our national g...

Liverpool is a remarkable city. Its people deserve better than shoddy governance

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Back in Liverpool’s chaotic, Militant-led 1980s, even Margaret Thatcher did not send in people directly to deal with a city council that she despised. Ahora, one of England’s largest cities is confronting the ignominy o...