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Robin Gosens and the deal that put him on the road to Germany stardom

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On a Tuesday night in October 2013, Harry van den Ham went on a scouting mission. He was trying to get Dordrecht, an unfashionable club 10 miles outside Rotterdam, promoted but felt his side needed something extra in ...

Unlikely hero Robin Gosens shows Germany anything is possible

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When Robin Gosens was a young man he wanted to be a police officer, just like his grandfather. Egter, he was told by one regional office that his legs were too different in height to make it so he ended up pursuing ...

Gosens inspires resurgent Germany to thrilling 4-2 victory over Portugal

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Germany have rarely been mentioned among this summer’s leading contenders but, in the best game of Euro 2020 so far, they produced a sensational response to their doubters. It was a triumph for Joachim Löw, whose reig...