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Gordon Brown doen 'n dringende beroep op die noodlift van die Covid -entstof na Afrika

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Meer as 100,000 lewens kan in Afrika gered word deur die noodlug van 240 miljoen ongebruikte entstowwe in die volgende twee weke te onderneem, Gordon Brown aangemoedig. Die voormalige premier het 'n groep ryk nasies versoek om ....

Gordon Brown warns 3.5m households face fuel poverty this winter

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The former prime minister Gordon Brown has demanded fresh government financial support for households struggling to pay energy bills as he warned almost a million more households would be in fuel poverty this winter. ...

The £20 benefit cut is the most morally indefensible thing I’ve seen in politics

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There is, natuurlik, never a right moment to cut social security benefits. But with the world dangling at the edge of an economic precipice, the price of basics – food and energy – threatening to rocket upwards and 30...

Gordon Brown: universal credit cut ‘vindictive and indefensible’

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Gordon Brown has called the government’s decision to cut £20 a week from universal credit the most “socially divisive and morally indefensible” policy he has witnessed in UK politics, saying it was being pursued with ...

Gordon Brown calls for urgent action to avert ‘Covid vaccine waste disaster’

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More than 100m Covid vaccine doses are due to expire and be “thrown away” unless global leaders urgently share surplus supplies with the world’s poorest countries, Gordon Brown has warned. The “staggering” number of s...

Gordon Brown: Scots see that English values aren’t all about ‘toffs and Brexit’

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Scots recognise that English values are more aligned with Gareth Southgate and Marcus Rashford than “toffs and Brexit”, Gordon Brown gesê het. The former prime minister has launched polling results which indicate a si...

Gordon Elliott savours winning feeling again after returning from suspension

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For the first time since early March, a Gordon Elliott runner walked into a winner’s enclosure at Sligo on Wednesday as the Grand National-winning trainer recorded his first success after being banned from the sport f...

Gordon Brown hits out at EU’s ‘neocolonial approach’ to Covid vaccine supplies

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Gordon Brown has accused the EU of adopting a “neocolonial approach” to the supply of Covid-19 vaccines and demanded rich western nations relinquish their stranglehold on pandemic treatments. The former UK prime mini...

Despite the grand words, this G7 falls devastatingly short on vaccines

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The history of international summits is a tale of missed opportunities. When the US and Europe met in Evian in 1938, with the evidence of Nazi antisemitism stunningly clear and the risk of a looming holocaust all too ...

Gordon Brown says he will not give up fight to reverse Brexit

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Gordon Brown has said he will “not give up” pushing for the UK to rejoin the EU, while stressing that this is a personal view and he accepts it is unlikely in the short term. While the former prime minister was a stro...

Gordon Brown: Boris Johnson se foute kan hom steeds inhaal

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Boris Johnson se optrede in die amp kan hom steeds laat sink ondanks sy dryfvermoë in meningspeilings, Gordon Brown gesê het, herinner aan die afsterwe van Margaret Thatcher drie jaar na 'n groot oorwinning in die verkiesing omdat.

From Gordon Ramsay to The Apprentice: why bullying business TV must end

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As much as we often grumble about work bleeding into all aspects of our lives, when it comes to TV, demanding bosses and relentless hustling are rarely off our screens. Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice have been going ...

It’s too late to save the union, Gordon Brown

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Like Banquo’s ghost, Gordon Brown returns to haunt the independence debate in Scotland (Many Scots don’t want independence, but a more cooperative union, 9 Mei). And much like said spirit, he has come to represent not...

Many Scots don’t want independence, but a more cooperative union

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No prime ministerial letters, flying visits to Scotland or one-off meetings, however welcome, can wallpaper over the cracks in the United Kingdom. Lying ahead of us are months of constitutional standoffs, court hearin...

Gordon Brown leads calls for $60bn of Covid support for poor countries

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A whirlwind six-week campaign to persuade the UK-hosted G7 summit to fund a $60bn two-year vaccine and healthcare support package for poor countries is being spearheaded by the former prime minister Gordon Brown. In a...

Gordon Taylor denies PFA ‘asleep at the wheel’ over football and concussion

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Gordon Taylor has denied being “asleep at the wheel” over the link between heading footballs, concussion and dementia – and told MPs that criticism of the Professional Footballers’ Association’s response over the past...

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