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‘That time of the month’: golfer Lydia Ko stuns reporter after talking about period

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Lydia Ko, golf’s world No 3, has been praised for normalising the impact of periods on women in sport after rendering a male interviewer speechless with her answer to a question about some on-course treatment she rece...

Glen Durrant: ‘You begin to overthink, like a golfer having the yips. I was in panic mode’

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There are the times when Glen Durrant wakes up and tells himself that this is going to be the day. The day it all clicks. The day he feels like a triple world champion again. The day he feels something again. There ar...

Golfer Thorbjørn Olesen tells court he ‘felt horrible’ after groping accusation

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A Ryder Cup-winning golfer has said he was “embarrassed and felt horrible” after being accused of drunkenly groping a woman on a flight. Thorbjørn Olesen, who was ranked 51st in the world at the time, was on a British...