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Ningún país ha cumplido los objetivos de bienestar en el pasado 30 años "sin poner en riesgo el planeta"

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Ningún país ha logrado satisfacer las necesidades sociales básicas de su población en el pasado 30 años sin ejercer una presión indebida sobre el suministro de recursos naturales de la Tierra, según un estudio. Mirando una muestra de 148 ...

Rally driving in the dark, Wales v New Zealand and more forgotten goals

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1) The great Benjamin Andrew Stokes will be playing in the Ashes! To celebrate, here’s the man himself at the wrestling. If you prefer cricket, please enjoy highlights from that Headingley knock here, TMS coverage of ...

Cop26 must not overshadow Kunming: we need joint climate and biodiversity goals

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All eyes are on Cop26 in Glasgow since the climate crisis aroused worldwide attention and compelled more than 120 countries to join the unprecedented global Race to Zero carbon-emissions campaign. But the UN biodivers...

‘It’s the package’: how Liverpool’s rhythm got the goals flowing again

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Jürgen Klopp genuinely likes Pep Guardiola the person as well as Pep Guardiola the coach but that does not stop the Liverpool manager winding up his rival with public utterances about Manchester City. “Not sure if I e...

Cumplir los objetivos financieros de Cop26 "va a ser difícil", dice Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson ha dicho que teme que solo haya un 60% posibilidad de que los 100.000 millones de dólares en financiación climática que se consideran clave para asegurar un resultado ambicioso de la cumbre de la Cop26 estén disponibles para cuando los líderes mundiales se reúnan en Glasg ...

Messi scores Argentina hat-trick to break Pelé’s international goals record

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Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick to give Argentina a 3-0 win over Bolivia in a World Cup qualifier, lifting him above Pelé as South America’s top male international scorer with 79 goals. Messi got the opener after 14 metro...

My dad scorns my career goals. How do I keep us from falling out?

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I have just turned 17 and will soon go to college. I have always done well at school; I don’t drink, use drugs or even have a boyfriend, and would like to think I’m responsible. But choosing a career path has been rou...

Prueba de deportes de la semana: goals, golds, gripes, gaffes and greatness

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How often have players with rhyming names created goals for each other?

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“After Tyrone Mings set up Danny Ings to score against Newcastle last weekend, have there been any other high-profile examples of players with rhyming names setting up goals for each other?” ponders Steve Maybury. El...

Eight games, 31 goals, seven reds: Italy no less exciting for lack of Lukaku

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So much for easing in gently. Serie A returned from its summer break with eight games, 31 goals and seven red cards. Pick a city, pick a story. In Milan, Simone Inzaghi opened his Inter tenure with a 4-0 victory to ma...

Resilient Sterling repays Southgate’s trust with crucial England goals

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The anatomy of the goal that changed everything for England, sparking the historic Euro 2020 win against Germany on Tuesday and a mass plot lossage in the Wembley stands, showcased all of the best qualities of Raheem ...

Squad goals: Ocasio-Cortez warns Biden patience is wearing thin

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They were pointed questions, not personal criticisms. But they will have conveyed a warning to Joe Biden that the patience of the left of the Democratic party and its leaders in ‘the Squad’ of progressive politicians ...

Liga Premier 2020-21 revisión: goles de la temporada

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Bienvenido a la revisión de The Guardian del 2020-21 Temporada de la Premier League. Hemos nominado a algunos candidatos para esta categoría para que el debate continúe.. Puede ofrecer sus sugerencias debajo de la línea ... Los Hammers fueron ....

Campaigners say UK airport expansion plans must be suspended amid new climate goals

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The UK government must suspend all airport expansion plans until it sets out how they fit with its legally binding climate targets and the advice of its own experts, los activistas han advertido. In a letter to ministers, ...

Germany to bring forward climate goals after constitutional court ruling

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Germany’s government is to revise its emission reduction targets after the country’s constitutional court declared the current climate protection measures insufficient, aiming to become greenhouse gas neutral by 2045 ...

Pension funds urged to help UK reach net zero climate goals

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Pension funds must set a target of net zero emissions for their investments if the UK is to meet its climate goals, influential figures in climate activism have urged. Many people are unaware of whether their pensions...

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