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Crab rice noodles, baked polenta and spiced lentil pancakes: Yotam Ottolenghi’s gluten-free mains – recipes

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The increased interest in gluten-free recipes garners strong opinions. Aan die een kant, coeliacs can find the confusion between them and those who have chosen a gluten-free diet frustrating (and possibly dangerous). T ...

What gluten-free treats can I make if I want biscuits?

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I miss biscuits, flapjacks and other treats, and I’m bored with squares of chocolate. Sam, Brighton “Our flourless chocolate cake is our top seller – people are obsessed with it,” says Jessica Elliott Dennison, owner ...

How to make the perfect gluten-free chocolate chip cookies – recipe

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Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies. Sadly, egter, if you can’t tolerate gluten, chocolate chip cookies do not usually love you back – while squidgy brownies and many other deliciously squidgy cakes don’t really s...

Mix it up: three delicious gluten-free pasta recipes with a twist

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Featuring a decadent truffle penne, a springtime fusilli and kimchi macaroni cheese, chef Tom Cenci cooks up three flavoursome pasta dishes with a differenceMushroom, parmesan and truffle penne with sherry cream sauce...

Vertel ons: what’s your best gluten-free recipe?

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A significant number of people now avoid eating foods which contain gluten – but that needn’t mean compromising on taste. With this in mind, we want to hear your favourite gluten-free recipes. Perhaps you know the sec...

Goodbye wheat! Readers on 10 great gluten-free recipes – from katsu curry to cherry cake

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My favourite gluten-free recipe is poodla (small pancakes), which I make using gram (chickpea) flour, water, cumin seeds, garam masala, turmeric and salt, with added chillies (gekap), grated onion and grated courget...

Dan Lepard’s gluten-free recipes for focaccia and Japanese fried chicken buns

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Adding subtle background flavours to gluten-free bread is the easiest way to lift the taste and get results you’re really proud of. These double-sesame burger buns, with sesame oil and sesame seeds on top, are now ou...