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All Blacks run up three figures but it’s not all doom and gloom for USA

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With minutes to go at FedEx Field the scoreline stood at 14-92. Like Columbus, the All Blacks had wreaked havoc upon the new world. They didn’t stop there, anche se, scoring twice in the dying moments, per 16 tries and ...

We Need to Do Something review – doom and gloom in the bathroom

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A decade ago, Jeff Nichols directed Take Shelter, a remarkably prophetic, big-picture drama with Michael Shannon as a construction worker alienating his loved ones with his insistence on building a bunker in readiness...

Barcelona lift post-Messi gloom with win over Real Sociedad

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“We can’t live in the past; we have to live today and tomorrow,” Ronald Koeman said and so they did. It may have been a single night, there might have been just 20,384 supporters here, and most important of all there ...

I lettori rispondono: is ignorant bliss better than knowledgable gloom?

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Happier people live longer, more pleasant lives. Informed people are weighed down with the woes of the world. Così, is ignorant bliss better than knowledgable gloom? Mary Shider, Macclesfield Send new questions to nq@th...

From God to glaciers: ‘doom’ was not always about gloom

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In alarming climate news, scientists recently reported that the Thwaites glacier, nicknamed the “doomsday glacier”, in the Antarctic might be melting more quickly than previously thought. Who knew we had such a conven...