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British Council to close 20 offices across globe after cuts and lost income

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The British Council, the British government’s cultural arm and a key instrument of British soft power, is to close 20 offices across the globe as part of a restructuring programme made necessary by cuts to the aid bud...

‘The laughs hit me in the heart’: a view from the stage at Shakespeare’s Globe

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It’s difficult to describe the feelings of jubilation, guilt, disbelief, confusion, gratitude and fear that came with the news that Shakespeare’s Globe would reopen and that I would be playing Flute in A Midsummer Nig...

Spyware leak suggests lawyers and activists at risk across globe

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A leak of phone data suggests human rights lawyers, activists and dissidents across the globe were selected as possible candidates for invasive surveillance through their phones. Their mobile phone numbers appeared in...

‘There are lots of feelings!’ Michelle Terry on reopening Shakespeare’s Globe

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When Shakespeare’s Globe announced its reopening plans for spring, the headline news was that it had killed off the interval. Shows in its new season will run without a break as part of Covid safety protocols that inc...