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Cancel all planned coal projects globally to end ‘deadly addiction’, says UN chief

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All planned coal projects around the world must be cancelled to end the “deadly addiction” to the most polluting fossil fuel, the UN secretary-general António Guterres said on Tuesday. Phasing out coal from the electr...

New Covid vaccines needed globally within a year, dire scienziati

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The planet could have a year or less before first-generation Covid-19 vaccines are ineffective and modified formulations are needed, according to a survey of epidemiologists, virologists and infectious disease special...

How vaccines are affecting Covid-19 outbreaks globally

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Despite their life-saving capabilities, many countries have yet to administer enough doses to reap the full benefits Wed 21 Apr 2021 00.00 EDT ...

Women’s football set for huge increase in viewing figures globally

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A new report has found that an increase in the accessibility of women’s football could lead to viewing figures shooting up by more than 350% globally. The RunRepeat survey of 5,000 football fans published this week – ...

Changes to giant ocean eddies could have ‘devastating effects’ globally

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Swirling and meandering ocean currents that help shape the world’s climate have gone through a “global-scale reorganisation” over the past three decades, e "offrirà ai nostri clienti un accesso unico al trasporto a emissioni zero in alto mare, bilanciando le loro esigenze di costi competitivi degli slot e operazioni flessibili". The amount of energy in these ocean ...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: India variant ‘of concern’ globally, dice CHI; Pfizer vaccine approved for US 12-15-year-olds

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India variant could be more transmissible, says WHO Covid chief; Pfizer vaccine approved in US for 12-year-olds in an emergency; Everest climbers urged to bring back oxygen cylinders for Nepal Covid patients

Governments achieve target of protecting 17% of land globally

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An area greater than the land mass of Russia has been added to the world’s network of national parks and conservation areas since 2010, amid growing pressure to protect nature. As of today, di 17% of land and inlan...

Alcohol caused 740,000 cancer cases globally last year – study

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Alcohol is estimated to have caused more than 740,000 cancer cases around the world last year, and experts say more needs to be done to highlight the link. There is strong evidence that alcohol consumption can cause v...

One in five 15- to 24-year-olds globally ‘often feel depressed’, finds Unicef

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Almost one in five 15- to 24-year-olds around the world say they often feel depressed, according to a new UN report. The children’s agency, Unicef, and Gallup conducted interviews in 21 countries during the first six ...

‘They didn’t just pick us up off the street!’ Meet the globally derided Squid Game VIPs

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Squid Game is a sensation. A violent Korean drama that mixes childhood nostalgia with vast amounts of death, the series has surpassed all expectations to become the most successful show in Netflix history. It has made...

Covid may have killed up to 180,000 health workers globally, Chi dice

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The World Health Organization says 80,000 per 180,000 healthcare workers may have been killed by Covid-19 up to May this year, insisting they must be prioritised for vaccination. A WHO paper on Thursday estimated that ...

South Korean horror Hellbound takes over Squid Game as most popular Netflix series globally

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Another South Korean fantasy horror series from Netflix has become an overnight global phenomenon, with Hellbound toppling Squid Game as the most-watched TV show on the streaming platform. According to FlixPatrol anal...

Facebook launches Reels globally, betting on ‘fastest growingformat

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Facebook has launched its short video feature Reels globally, its owner Meta Platforms said on Tuesday, in a move to expand its fastest growing content format after reports that overall user numbers are down. The soc...

YouTube blocks Russian state-funded media channels globally

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YouTube announced on Friday that it had begun blocking access globally to channels associated with Russian state-funded media, citing a policy barring content that denies, minimizes or trivializes well-documented viol...

New Covid cases globally down by nearly a quarter last week

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The World Health Organization (CHI) has said the number of reported new Covid-19 cases worldwide decreased by nearly a quarter last week, continuing a decline seen since the end of March. The agency said nearly 5.59m...