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Global coral cover has fallen by half since 1950s, ontleding bevind

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The world’s coral reef cover has halved since the 1950s, ravaged by global heating, overfishing, pollution and habitat destruction, according to an analysis of thousands of reef surveys. From the 1,430-mile (2,300km) ...

Wanted: your spare room for global visitors to Glasgow’s climate summit

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In Oktober, Calfín Lafkenche of the Mapuche people of Patagonia, on the southernmost tip of Chile, will embark on an 8,000-mile journey across the Atlantic. He won’t be the only one taking such a trip; indigenous peop...

Raducanu set for global media stardom, say UK marketing experts

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The teenage tennis player Emma Raducanu’s fairytale run to US Open final has put her on track to become the hottest property in British sport, according to brand and sponsorship experts. The 18-year-old, who swept asi...

Global windfarm installations expected to surge after Covid drop, says report

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Windfarm installations are expected to double to record global levels this year, after a short-lived Covid-19 slowdown, according to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). The group’s annual report found that the worl...

Social media giants increase global child safety after UK regulations introduced

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TikTok has turned off notifications for children past bedtime, Instagram has disabled targeted adverts for under-18s entirely and YouTube has turned off autoplay for teen users: moves seemingly triggered by Britain in...

Revealed: life inside ‘global villages’ of Islamic State jihadis in Afghanistan

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In 2017, a group of senior Arab fighters travelled from Syria to Afghanistan, to cement the links between Islamic State cells in the two areas. They arrived in an international village, where the jihadi families inclu...

Even as New Zealand battles Covid, trust in government bucks global trend

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In locked-down New Zealand, life orbits around the 1pm briefing. As the home-bound nation digests its lunch, the director general of health, Ashley Bloomfield – frequently alongside prime minister Jacinda Ardern – tak...

Steve Bell on Boris Johnson’s global Britain — cartoon

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The Guardian view on global vaccine inequality: unwise as well as unethical

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The statistics are stark and shaming. During an exasperated intervention earlier this week, the World Health Organization’s director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, pointed out that of 4.8bn Covid vaccine doses d...

The pandemic-induced global slump is just part of a 20-year financial crisis

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Every year since 1978 the world’s central bankers have gathered to chew the fat at Jackson Hole in the Grand Tetons. This year’s star attraction is the most influential central banker of them all – Jerome Powell – and...

What exactly do Ian Botham and John Cleese offer ‘global Britain’?

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It’s easy to find out when Ian Botham last played cricket, because there is Wisden, but it’s hard to find out when John Cleese was last funny. Some people think he had some moderately amusing lines in A Fish Called Wa...

Fifa awarded $201m in forfeited funds seized after global corruption probe

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Fifa, world football’s governing body, will receive over $201m in forfeited funds seized during a global corruption probe, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), said on Tuesday. Since the DOJ unveiled the cor...

G20 must prioritise global Covid action at October meeting

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Finance ministers, central bank governors and political leaders are hard at work preparing for the 2021 G20 heads of state and government summit in Rome on 30-31 Oktober. With the Covid-19 pandemic stretching well int...

Boris Johnson’s Global Britain is exposed as impotent and friendless by Afghanistan

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When a freshly elected Joe Biden had his first transatlantic phone conversation with Boris Johnson, Number 10 bragged that the prime minister was at the top of the list on the new American president’s call sheet. Down...

‘Global Britain’ badly needs a new driver at the wheel

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So much for Global Britain. The fiasco and tragedy of the retreat from Afghanistan have laid bare the folly of the Brexiters’ Faustian pact: choose the irresponsible but vote-winning Boris Johnson as your leader; say ...

To halt global heating, we must change our society

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Robin McKie writes of a “society-wide vision” covering policies in transport, power generation, home heating and farming to cut climate emissions (“It’s now… or never”, Focus). Of course we need all of those policies....

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