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Glenn Hoddle: "No creo que nunca me quede sin fútbol en mi vida"

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"Es fácil decir que estaba ganando. Nací ganando, Quería ganar tiddlywinks contra mi papá en casa., así que tenía eso en mi. Pero creo que lo que más disfruté de jugar al fútbol fue poder expresar lo mío ....

What links Glenn Close and Peter O’Toole? El cuestionario del fin de semana

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1 Ernest Bevin wanted “the bloody Union Jack on top” of what?2 What was dug up on Edith Pretty’s land?3 Adel Abdessemed’s Headbutt sculpture depicts which footballers?4 Who is said to have lived in Dozmary Pool, Cornw...

Glenn Close’s magnificent Da Butt and superb flirting: key Oscars moments

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In a skewiff ceremony of overlong speeches, quiet applause and a downsized red carpet, one moment effortlessly stole the show: Glenn Close doing the dance to the 1988 funk hit Da Butt. Nearly three hours into the tel...

Amber Glenn: America’s bi/pan skating star on coming out and breaking through

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“What is your sexuality?” Amber Glenn looked up from the questionnaire at her therapist sitting across from her in a brown leather chair, immersed in her legal pad. Glenn thought back to all the times she and the othe...

Glenn Roeder claimed he was bloody-minded but stayed kind and humble Louise Taylor

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The sudden revving of engines drowned out the conversation and Glenn Roeder leapt from his chair and stared, despairingly, out of the window. As a group of Newcastle’s junior players accelerated out of the adjacent ca...