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VAR still a work in progress so expect more controversy and occasional fury

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For a couple of weeks, it looked as if they’d nailed it. A fortnight into the new season and there had been barely a murmur of complaint about referees or their video assistants. Urged to let the game flow, all availa...

Arteta and Bruce may have preferred to stay far from the madding crowd

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Three weeks into the Premier League campaign, the international break has presented us with an early opportunity to take stock. And while it’s far too soon to draw definitive conclusions from what we’ve seen, we must ...

The ballad of Phil Jones, decorated elite-level player and pilloried laughing stock

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The straw that appears to have broken the camel’s back could scarcely have been more innocuous. On the first Sunday of October 2017, Phil Jones tweeted a reply to Simon Wood, a Masterchef-winning restaurateur who had ...

Japanese people cower from Games they don’t want and should not be happening

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When the Tokyo Olympics were postponed for a year, the widespread presumption in the corridors of International Olympic Committee power was that they would eventually go ahead at a time when the world was no longer in...

From Eriksen trauma to Emma Hayes insight, TV pundits rise to occasion

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While it has fielded almost 6,500 complaints for the intrusive nature of its coverage of the successful attempts to resuscitate Christian Eriksen following his collapse during Denmark’s opening Euro 2020 match against...

IOC holds Tokyo as Olympic hostage to fortune with grim Games ahead

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You don’t get a great deal of down time as a jobbing hack at the Olympics but my schedule at the Rio Games meant the laptop lid was sometimes snapped shut by around 7pm. Ablutions at the team hotel were followed by a ...

San Marino don’t need derision of fans suffering delusions of grandeur

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By no means the first football grandee to assert that playing international cannon fodder such as San Marino ought to be beneath the England team, Gary Lineker was the most recent and high profile. During the Wembley ...

When it comes to the Qatar World Cup, look north to find a moral compass

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While we should expect no better from the ghouls at Fifa, it remains an enduring ignominy that over a decade after their decision to grant World Cup 2022 to Qatar, apparently widespread global indifference means the t...