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‘All that Hollywood glamour doesn’t feel like me at all’: Joanna Scanlan on self-doubt, sexism and being the red-hot favourite at the Baftas

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When Joanna Scanlan arrives, she is hidden beneath a yellow raincoat, glasses steamed up, blown through the door as if the gathering storm outside has washed her ashore. “I am so sorry for dragging you out here," lei ...

Rangers can enjoy Dortmund glamour tie as retaining title remains key

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It is fitting that Rangers’ highest-profile European occasion in more than a decade falls this week. Valentine’s Day marked 10 years since the club tumbled into administration, sparked by a series of events Rangers wo...

Ava: The Secret Conversations review – Elizabeth McGovern captures Gardner’s Hollywood glamour

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Much like the Hollywood star herself, Ava: The Secret Conversations is a visually striking and enigmatic affair. It’s written by and stars Elizabeth McGovern and is based on Peter Evans’s biography, which Ava Gardner ...

The Guardian view on restoring the golden age of rail: green glamour

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All'inizio di questo mese, a 12-metre-long model train carriage was deposited at Barcelona’s El Prat airport, which the Spanish airports authority controversially plans to expand. “More trains, less planes” was the accompany...

Jackie Stewart’s Weekend of a Champion embodied Monaco glamour

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Amid the high life and hedonism of the fast lane, Formula One has long fetishised the glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix. Yet for Sir Jackie Stewart the spectacle played second fiddle to focusing on the unforgiving real...

Recensione di Sky Rojo - Il dramma del traffico spagnolo si diletta in un glamour trash

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Non sentirai termini come trabajadora sessuale - che in spagnolo significa "lavoratrice del sesso" - nella nuova serie di Netflix su tre donne trafficate in fuga. Se hai familiarità con le serie precedenti di Álex Pina ed Esther Mart ...

Monsters, music and faded glamour: Crystal Palace Park, Londra sud

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A place of triumphs and disasters, this green space may no longer boast a regal glasshouse but retains an eccentric charmLast summer, a competition was launched called the World Cup of South London Parks. The format w...

Alpine glamour snowballs despite lack of off-piste action

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We may not be able to travel, and spring may be within touching distance, but the fantasy of Alpine glamour has never been stronger in the fashion world. This week Lady Gaga posted a photo from the set of her forthcom...