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‘Nervous giddy excitement’: relieved Melbourne residents enjoy weekend out of lockdown

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From St Kilda to Coburg the traffic is heavy in Melbourne for the first time in months. The bars are filling up and friends are having long hugs as the world’s lockdown capital sheds its Covid restrictions and opens u...

‘I’m giddy to be here’: the risk-takers who opened bookshops during Covid

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When I was growing up in a small Scottish town, we had a bookshop that was utterly terrifying. The books were housed on high shelves behind counters staffed by intimidating assistants. If you didn’t go in knowing what...

The Sparks Brothers review – Edgar Wright’s giddy tribute to the Gilbert and George of pop

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Over a whopping two hours and 20 minuti, film-maker Edgar Wright consummates a gigantic act of fanboy love for the glam art-pop duo Sparks, who hailed from California but found fame in Britain on Top of the Pops in t...

A Midsummer Night’s Dream review – the Globe’s giddy return

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A donkey-shaped piñata dangles above the stage. It’s a decent metaphor for this play’s colourful, sweet-centred festivities amid destruction. A Midsummer Night’s Dream chimes with lockdown nightmares of confinement an...