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Dokters 'vooroordeel' agter vroue wat 'n erger behandeling vir hartaanvalle kry, Australiese studie bevind

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Vroue ontvang erger mediese behandeling as mans vir algemene hartaanvalle, volgens nuwe navorsing. 'N Studie deur navorsers in Sydney het bevind dat vroue met 'n algemene hartaanval of die toestand gediagnoseer is..

'Alles het net groter geword!'Genesis oor prog, 80se sterre en die gesondheid van Phil Collins

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'Genesis was nog altyd effens onder die radar,”Sê die klawerbordspeler Tony Banks. 'Ons was nog nooit deel van 'n huidige neiging nie; ons is nie geneig om toekennings te kry nie; ons is net ... daar. Mense wat van ons hou, hou regtig van ons,...

Freezing your eggs may be getting easier, but it’s no simple fertility fix

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Eleven years ago, a gynaecologist told me my fallopian tubes were “obliterated”. He had just performed adhesiolysis, the surgical removal of scar tissue. In my case, the scarring was from a ruptured appendix in my you...

Thanks to Real Housewives, I no longer dread getting older. Honestly, it looks great

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In a now legendary Real Housewives of New York scene, then 49-year-old Luann de Lesseps is hungover and unapologetic. On a girls trip to Turks and Caicos, a wild night of partying has ended with a naked man asleep in ...

Explainer: Is each state in Australia getting its fair share of Covid vaccine doses?

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The states have blasted the federal government for an “under the table” agreement that saw extra Pfizer doses sent to NSW, saying the imbalance needs to be urgently remedied. Data published by the ABC on Monday night ...

Die week in klank: Getting Better; The Fake Paralympians; Horrible Histories Podcast

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Getting Better AudibleThe Fake Paralympians BBC World Service | BBC SoundsHorrible Histories Podcast BBC Sounds Winston Churchill’s “detente” with his prostate is not what you’d expect popping up, as it were, in the o...

To vaccinate children or not? Getting decision right is far from child’s play

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It is a mantra heard less often these days, that the government will “follow the science” over Covid, and for good reason. As current uncertainty over the UK’s vaccine programme shows, there are times when science and...

Is democracy getting in the way of saving the planet?

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What the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report confirmed this month is that the stable climate many of us grew up with is gone and has been replaced by a fundamentally unstable one. Sea levels will almost...

What does getting Covid feel like for the fully vaccinated?

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As the number of recorded coronavirus infections in the UK rises again, we spoke to three people about their experiences of catching Covid despite having been fully vaccinated, and how it affected their daily lives. C...

Getting Covid jab is an ‘act of love’, says Pope Francis

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Pope Francis has urged people to get vaccinated against Covid-19, describing doing so as “an act of love”. The pontiff made his appeal in a video produced by the Vatican and the Ad Council, a non-profit US group that ...

Parts of the US are getting dangerously hot. Yet Americans are moving the wrong way

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Science has provided America with a decent idea of which areas of our country will be most devastated by climate change, and which areas will be most insulated from the worst effects. Ongelukkig, it seems that US p...

‘Getting married rejuvenated me’: the over-65s tying the knot

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The number of people getting married over the age of 65 has increased in the past decade, according to the latest figures by the Office for National Statistics. The Guardian spoke to three couples about online dating,...

There is no ‘getting back to normal’ with climate breakdown

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Academic papers often take time to leach out into public consciousness. One that did not filter through was a study from Anglia Ruskin University that analysed “nodes of persisting complexity”, in the face of “global ...

Lamar Jackson van Ravens is nog steeds onseker oor inenting ondanks die feit dat hy twee keer Covid-19 gekry het

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Die quarterback van Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson, wou nie daarop uitkom of hy 'n Covid-19-entstof gaan kry nie, alhoewel hy die afgelope twee jaar die virus opgedoen het. Die 2019 NFL MVP het na die 10-dae teruggekeer na die oefening ...

John Oliver oor Purdue Pharma: 'Ons kry niks wat geregtigheid nader nie'

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Building on previous episodes of Last Week Tonight on Purdue Pharma’s role in stoking and profiting from the opioid crisis, John Oliver returned focus Sunday evening to the Sackler family, owners of the OxyContin prod...

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