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How gerrymandering allows a purple state to promote Trump’s big lie

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Over the last few months, an attack on democracy has slowly escalated in Wisconsin. A group of Republicans in the state legislature, encouraged by Donald Trump, is pushing an illegal effort to undo the 2020 verkiesing. ...

Native American tribes sue North Dakota over ‘sickening’ gerrymandering

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Days before a new legislative map for North Dakota was set to be introduced in the state house, leaders of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa and Spirit Lake Nation sent a letter to the governor and other state lawm...

This is what gerrymandering looks like

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Hallo, and Happy Thursday, 'n Paar maande gelede, I sat down with my colleagues Alvin Chang and Andrew Witherspoon on the Guardian’s visual team asked to do something that I thought would be exceedingly difficult: could w...

America’s anti-abortion movement has a secret dirty weapon: gerrymandering

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America is at a crossroads when it comes to abortion. In 2021, state legislatures have passed an unprecedented 106 anti-abortion bills. State lawmakers in five states are preparing legislation similar to Texas’s SB 8,...

Madison Cawthorn: behold the rotten fruit of extreme Republican gerrymandering

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The congressman from North Carolina brandished a gun as he addressed a Macon county Republican event last weekend. “We all need to be storing up some ammunition,” Madison Cawthorn warned the crowd, as he embraced the ...

‘From dark art to dark science’: the evolution of digital gerrymandering

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The first time Kim Brace drew electoral district maps for the state of Illinois, meer as 40 jare terug, things moved slowly. He and his colleagues hung maps of the state on the walls in the office of the speaker of t...

Republicans can win the next elections through gerrymandering alone

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In Washington, the real insiders know that the true outrages are what’s perfectly legal and that it’s simply a gaffe when someone accidentally blurts out something honest. And so it barely made a ripple last week when...