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Geronimo postmortem results negative for TB, say owner’s lawyers

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A fresh row has broken out between the owner of Geronimo the alpaca and the government over the results of an initial postmortem examination of the culled camelid. Lawyers acting for Helen Macdonald have said the prel...

‘It’s agony’: Geronimo owner has until 5pm Friday to euthanise the alpaca

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Geronimo the alpaca was looking perky on Friday. His owner, Helen Macdonald, a veterinary nurse who has battled for four years to save his life, rather less so. “I’m still standing, that’s just about the best I can sa...

Campaigners march through London in bid to save alpaca Geronimo

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They stood on guard patiently, occasionally resting in deckchairs and, when the showers moved in, scuttling for shelter in farm buildings, but a hardy band of animal-lovers insisted they would put their bodies in the ...

Owner of condemned alpaca Geronimo makes last-ditch appeal to minister

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A farmer whose beloved stud alpaca faces the prospect of being shot on Friday after twice testing positive for bovine tuberculosis has appealed to the environment secretary, George Eustice, to speak with her amid last...