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Germany coalition candidates united on lowering voting age to 16

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The three parties on track to form Germany’s next coalition government have been locked in tense negotiations over the future of Europe’s powerhouse. But regarding one seemingly radical issue, they are united – loweri...

Estonia 0-1 Galles, Germany qualify for 2022 World Cup – as it happened

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Kieffer Moore scored for Wales in Estonia, while Germany became the first team (apart from Qatar) to qualify for next year

Germany investigates possible ‘sonic weapon attack’ against US embassy staff

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German police are investigating an “alleged sonic weapon attack” against staff of the US embassy in Berlin, in the latest in a growing number of incidents of “Havana syndrome” around the world. The police statement, w ...

How the SPD relied on young rebels to win in north-east Germany

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Less than four years ago, Erik von Malottki’s main objective was to keep the party he loved as far away from political power as possible. Inspired by young activist grassroots movements in the US and the UK, the trade...

Germany election: worst ever result momentarily silences CDU

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As the first exit poll flashed up on the screens inside the Konrad Adenauer Haus, the Berlin headquarters of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the party faithful who had gathered in the central courtyard fell sile...

Germany election: SPD in wafer-thin lead as results come in

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Germany is set for weeks or even months of protracted coalition talks after the race to produce a successor to Angela Merkel after 16 years in power failed to produce a clear winner, with the centre-left Social Democr...

Germany election 2021: Social Democrats and Merkel’s CDU tied in chancellor race, exit poll says

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Latest updates as SPD and CDU battle it out in neck-and-neck race to become largest party in the Bundestag

Germany: parking row brews as Green mayor plans to increase fees by 600%

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The mayor of the southern German city of Tübingen has attracted praise and scorn alike for a new plan to increase parking fees by 600% in an effort to discourage cars – especially large ones – from the city. Boris Pal...

16 years in 16 words: the sayings that sum up Merkel’s Germany

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Angela Merkel’s 16-year tenure at the top of German politics will leave lasting legacies in many fields, but the art of political oratory is unlikely to be one of them. When the chancellor addresses the public she is ...

Germany decides: who will follow Angela Merkel?

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German voters will elect a new chancellor for the first time in 16 years on Sunday, as the Angela Merkel era ends How to listen to podcasts: everything you need to know ...

Electric vehicles divide opinion as car-loving Germany goes to polls

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The second Steve Dumke spots a gap in the traffic on the road from Eggersdorf to Strausberg, his white Hyundai Ioniq lurches forward and nestles between two fast-moving Volkswagens in the right-hand lane. “A tap on th...

Germany: centre-left candidate ‘eager to govern with Greens’

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The centre-left frontrunner to replace Angela Merkel emphasised his eagerness to form a government with the Greens in the last TV debate before next Sunday’s German elections, as the ecological party’s candidate came ...

20 meat and dairy firms emit more greenhouse gas than Germany, Britain or France

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Twenty livestock companies are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than either Germany, Britain or France – and are receiving billions of dollars in financial backing to do so, according to a new report by e...

Germany warns EU against setting target of Afghan refugees

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Germany has warned fellow EU governments against following the UK’s lead in setting a target number of refugees from Afghanistan to be resettled in the union, claiming it will act as a pull-factor. Horst Seehofer, il...

Germany floods: 155 still missing as hopes of further rescues fade

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Almeno 155 people remain missing a week after record rainfall caused devastating floods in western Germany, as the president of the country’s disaster relief organisation said she “did not expect” rescuers to find a...

Team USA chiropractor sorry for comparing Olympic Covid protocols to Nazi Germany

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The chiropractor for the American women’s wrestling team has apologized after comparing Olympic Covid-19 protocols to Nazi Germany in a social media post. Rosie Gallegos-Main, a chiropractor for women’s wrestling sinc...

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