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Merkel’s husband hits out at ‘laziness’ of unvaccinated Germans

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Angela Merkel’s husband has accused unvaccinated Germans of “laziness”, amid calls for the introduction of mandatory coronavirus jabs to combat a dramatic rise in infections. Germany’s Covid-19 resurgence has in part ...

‘It became crystal clear they were lying’: the man who made Germans admit complicity in the Holocaust

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One day in 2018, the prolific documentary producer John Battsek received a call from Diane Weyermann of Participant Media, asking him if he would travel to the East Sussex village of Ditchling to meet a 69-year-old di...

Germans flock to Poland to buy fireworks in defiance of ban

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Germans seeking to defy a government ban on the domestic selling of fireworks before new year celebrations are heading in their droves across the border to Polish shops and factories. A ban was announced this month fo...

‘Peace, freedom, no dictatorship!': Germans protest against Covid restrictions

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On Monday evening on the dot of 7pm people emerged from dimly lit side streets and gathered on the Oberkirchplatz square in Cottbus for what has become a weekly ritual in towns and cities across Germany: a protest aga...

Greece tells Germans fearing huge heating bills to ‘come here for winter’

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Greece’s tourism minister has sent an invitation to German pensioners wanting to escape astronomical heating bills and other high living costs this coming winter, urging them to see his country as an attractive altern...