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Scarily obvious: why the horror genre needs to drop clumsy metaphors

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In the new Alex Garland thriller Men, Jessie Buckley plays a woman whose holiday in the English countryside curdles into a surreal nightmare. Her tormenter is at once singular and plural: a whole village of hostile st...

The romcom queens return! Can Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock revive the ailing genre?

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Nombre: Romcom queens. Arrival: Próximo. Apariencia: Más viejo, wiser, ready to reclaim the throne. Oh God, I thought we’d killed the romcom. We had – and for good reason. It had become old and stale, with every new fil...

Let’s spouge! Discover the funky joy of the greatest forgotten music genre

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Few artists have ever had the audacity to create a national music genre from scratch. This is what the Barbadian singer Jackie “Manface” Opel set out to do in 1968 – and more or less what he did. Born Dalton Bishop in...

Take that Fleabag! Liz Kingsman, the comic skewering the ‘messy women genre’

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Given the content of her smash-hit comedy One-Woman Show, there’s no little irony in interviewing Liz Kingsman. In the show, the Anglo-Aussie comic plays an ambitious, self-absorbed version of herself, here to share w...

Meet UNIIQU3, the global ambassador of music’s most influential genre

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Jersey club – born in Newark, shaped by Baltimore club and Chicago house – has streamed into the zeitgeist via TikTok and Fortnite dance crazes. Its influential sound – uptempo beats, emphatic vocal chops and a meme-l...

Mellow giallo: has the horror genre lost its ability to shock?

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Giallo began as the trashiest of genres. Derived from pulp Italian novels (with yellow covers, hence the name), it was distinguished by, entre otras cosas, serial killers, lurid violence and copious female nudity. Ha...