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We don’t live in isolation. Our ancestors’ trauma can affect our health generations later

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If there is one patient who has opened my eyes to my own cognitive bias and who has helped me to recognise the profound effect of the past on a person’s health, it is my patient Arama*. “Hey, what’s up, doc?” says Ara...

The trauma of Afghanistan echoes through generations of my family

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Some years before this pandemic, I took my then nine-month-old to her first protest march: a Palm Sunday rally for refugees. We started walking from the steps of Melbourne’s State Library. Our baby, an Australian mixi...

Britney Spears is our generation’s mirror: We owe it to ourselves to free her

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Amid the bleak horrors of endless lockdown there is presently one certain source of joy. It’s Britney Spears’ Instagram account. Inspirational quotes, cute selfies and objects of material desire are a consistent theme...

Freed Catalan leader calls on Spain to ‘think about future generations’

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The head of one of Catalonia’s biggest pro-independence groups has urged the Spanish government to think about “future generations and not just parliamentary stability” as he and eight other separatist leaders were re...

China’s population growing at slowest rate in generations

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China has reported the slowest population growth since the early 1960s, despite scrapping the one-child policy in 2015 to encourage more births and stave off a looming demographic crisis. El martes, the Chinese gover...