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Gemma Cairney: ‘I fight hard for my sunny disposition’

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On holiday in Menorca when I was really young, I was told not to jump into the swimming pool alone. But I was impatient, so I dived in solo, aiming for my rubber ring, but fell through the middle. I was going down and...

Walden review – Gemma Arterton’s sister act reaches for the stars

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Twin sisters with a fractious history are planning a reunion at the start of Amy Berryman’s play. “We have to act happy,” says Stella to her fiance before her twin has arrived, and the anxious statement prepares us fo...

Gemma Arterton play resumes in West End after Covid-related cancellation

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The West End play Walden, starring Gemma Arterton, is to resume performances after a possible Covid safety risk led to the last-minute cancellation of Tuesday night’s show. Just over 10 minutes before the curtain went...

Gemma Evans lifts Bristol City off WSL basement with equaliser against Spurs

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Bristol City held Tottenham to a 1-1 draw at The Hive to climb off the bottom of the Women’s Super League. Spurs came out of the blocks quickly and were 1-0 up after two minutes when Siri Worm curled a left-footed fre...