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Stolen gear, medieval cosplay and a disastrous set: the Drones’ Gareth Liddiard on the worst gig of his life

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The Drones’ worst show ever was in York in England on 24 April 2007. York is like a citadel, it’s a walled city, and they were doing all this medieval cosplay when we arrived – the women were all dressed as Maid Maria...

Gareth Thomas and his parents: ‘As a family, we don’t live in the past’

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Former Wales and Lions rugby captain Gareth Thomas grew up in Bridgend, Wallis, with his parents, Yvonne and Barry, and two older brothers. A prominent force on the pitch since the late 90s, he’s arguably been an even ...

Gareth Southgate onderteken Engeland se kontrak verlenging na Euro 2024

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Gareth Southgate het 'n verlenging van twee jaar van sy kontrak as Engelse bestuurder onderteken, wat sy ampstermyn tot Desember strek 2024. Die transaksie het glo sy jaarlikse salaris verdubbel tot sowat £6 miljoen en, as hy in bly...

Gareth Southgate verwag 'geen komplikasies' oor die nuwe Engeland-ooreenkoms nie

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Gareth Southgate het aangedui dat sy nuwe Engeland-kontrak 'n formaliteit moet wees aangesien hy uitsien na 'n seismiese tydperk van 12 maande en daarna. Southgate is op Euro gefokus 2020 en kwalifikasie vir die Wêreld ...

Gareth Anscombe het sleutels aan nr 10 vir Wallis se kragmeting teen Nieu-Seeland

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Gareth Anscombe sal sy eerste Wallis-verskyning vir meer as twee jaar maak in Saterdag se Herfsnasiesreeks se opening teen Nieu-Seeland. Die Ospreys-losskakel, wat in Nieu-Seeland gebore is en vir Wallis kwalifiseer..

Gareth Southgate says his England team setup urgently needs more women

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Gareth Southgate has said he urgently needs to hire more women to work with the England men’s football team, after accepting the current training setup is “nowhere near where we should be” when it comes to gender equa...

Gareth Southgate cites ‘total control’ of Poland for stubborn England tactics

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Gareth Southgate defended his decision not to make any substitutions after England conceded a last-minute equaliser in their World Cup qualifier against Poland on Wednesday night. England looked poised to take another...

Wales left frustrated after Gareth Bale and company fail to best Estonia

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Wat, on paper, should have been Wales’s easiest game of their World Cup qualifying campaign turned into a taxing assignment as they were held 0-0 at home to Estonia. Gareth Bale and Ethan Ampadu struck the woodwork l...

Gareth Southgate warns of ‘dangerous moment’ before Poland clash

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Gareth Southgate has said that England are going into games full of confidence after proving they can compete with the best at Euro 2020 but has warned against complacency. England are firmly in control of their World...

Gareth Southgate urges England to avoid ‘swanning around’ after Euros run

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Gareth Southgate has called for focus and humility when England visit Hungary in World Cup qualifying on Thursday night, telling his team not to start “swanning around” after their exploits at Euro 2020. England’s man...

Gareth Southgate: I got more abuse for vaccine video than managing England

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Gareth Southgate has revealed that he received more abuse for recording a video urging young people to have a Covid-19 vaccination than he did for his management of England during their run to the final of Euro 2020. ...

Gareth Bale: ‘What makes me unhappy? Nothing. Life is what you make it’

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Gebore in Cardiff, Gareth Bale, 32, signed to Southampton at 16 and transferred to Tottenham Hotspur in 2007. In 2013, he became the most expensive player ever when he moved to Real Madrid for €100m. Hierdie jaar, he capta...

Gareth Southgate’s solid England risk being caught behind wave of history

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The broken glass has been cleared. Wembley Way is no longer sticky underfoot. As the sense of shame and disappointment fades, and the knee-zjerk panaceas melt away, it is perhaps worth reflecting that Euro 2020, howev...

Exhausted Gareth Southgate left to rue England’s missed opportunity

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It hits you when you stop. Na die 2018 World Cup in Russia, Gareth Southgate was so exhausted he would nod off at various times and in various places – much to the amusement of his family who, in his words, “took a...

Gareth Southgate not ready to discuss new England contract after final blow

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Gareth Southgate has hinted at reluctance to extend his contract beyond the Qatar World Cup, saying he does not want to overstay his welcome after England’s heartbreaking defeat on penalties by Italy in the final of E...

‘Unforgivable’: Gareth Southgate on racist abuse of England players

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Gareth Southgate described the racist online abuse directed at some of England’s players after the Euro 2020 final defeat by Italy as “unforgivable”. Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho were targeted by abus...

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