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National Trust unveils Garden in the Ruins at Nymans in West Sussex

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Seventy-five years after a catastrophic fire destroyed the centrepiece of a grand Sussex house, a garden inspired by one of the 20th century’s leading theatre designers has risen from its ashes. The Garden in the Ruin...

The urban garden transforming lives after prison: ‘I’m finally free’

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When Sol Mercado was incarcerated, one of her few sources of comfort was to dig her hands into dirt. Coming from a family of sugarcane and coffee farm workers in Puerto Rico, a love of gardening was in her roots. Maar ...

Traditional British garden under threat from extreme heat, says RHS

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The traditional British garden is under threat from extreme heat, the Royal Horticultural Society has said, as it launches a survey to examine the damage from this week’s heatwave. It is likely that in the future deli...

My mother in the garden swamped by green – Lydia Goldblatt’s best photograph

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I began making photographs at home with my parents nearly 15 jare terug. My elderly father was going through a slow decline and I wanted to spend time with him. I’m not sure if I was fully conscious of it then, but I w...

Jong land dagboek: I lie in my garden and let spring wash over me

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I wake up every morning at the moment with a spring in my step, as I know it is my favourite season. The sun blazes down, warming the earth, as the fluffy clouds slowly part. In my back garden I can see the young spro...

Queen sal vanjaar se koninklike tuinpartytjies mis, paleis sê

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Die koningin gaan die koninklike tuinpartytjieseisoen in haar platinumjubileumjaar mis en sal deur ander lede van die koninklike familie verteenwoordig word, Buckingham-paleis gesê. 'n Woordvoerder het gesê besonderhede oor bywoning sal ...

Geen Sny Mei: wys vir ons jou wilder tuingrasperke

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Nature-liefdadigheid Plantlife vra mense om nie hul grasperke in Mei te sny as deel van die No Mow May-veldtog om tuine wild te hou en wilder grasperke aan te moedig nie. Die liefdadigheidsorganisasie sê deur grassnyers in die skuur te hou, wilde pla...

Much Ado About Nothing resensie - vrolikheid is volop in die Globe se groot tuinpartytjie

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Selfs op 'n lentenag wat deur 'n skielike koue klap verswak is, hierdie produksie spruit uit die einde van somberheid en die begin van 'n heerlike somer. Gestel in April 1945 in Noord-Italië, dae voor die nederlaag van Mussolini se fascistiese f...

Man wat in die tuin van Northampton begrawe gevind is, het steekwonde gehad, ondersoek hoor

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The body of a man found buried in the back garden of a Northampton house was identified by dental records, 'n geregtelike doodsondersoek het gehoor. Nicholas Billingham, 42, is believed to have died from a stab wound, a short hearing hel...

Tim Dowling: you say ‘pergola’, I’ll say ‘wisteria-clad garden structure’

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There are certain words I cannot bring myself to say out loud. Sometimes this is because of my accent – as an American I’ve never found a satisfactory way to pronounce “Torquay”, and I’ve stopped trying. If I had a st...

London’s Madison Square Garden Sphere gets planning approval

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An east London music venue as wide as the London Eye and as tall as Big Ben has been approved by planners, despite opposition from thousands of local people. The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) made the d...

Police name man found buried in Northampton garden

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A man whose body was found buried in the back garden of a house in Northampton has been named as Nicholas Billingham, as a primary schoolteacher appeared in court charged with his murder. Fiona Beal, 48, is accused of...

Woman charged with murder after body found buried in Northampton garden

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A 48-year-old woman has been charged with murder after a man’s body was found buried in a back garden in Northampton. Fiona Beal was arrested at a hotel in Cumbria on Wednesday night, meer as 200 miles from where No...

Jong land dagboek: There’s a flying hotdog in my garden

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At the back of our house we have some bird feeders – they’re very busy and I love to pull up a chair to watch. There’s always something to see, like blue tits, coal tits, mossies, siskins and nuthatches. But the othe...

Tom Gauld on reading in the garden – cartoon

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Long-lost Canova sculpture bought for couple’s garden could fetch £8m

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It was one of the last marble sculptures completed by the great Italian artist Antonio Canova before his death in 1822 and depicts Mary Magdalene in a state of ecstasy. But Maddelena Giacente (Recumbent Magdalene) – o...

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