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Il 15 greatest games of the 2010s – ranked!

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(Niantic, 2016) For a few months in 2016, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing people swiping at their phones, trying to catch a Psyduck superimposed on their local streets. The news was full of reports of people ...

Il 15 greatest video games of the 00s – ranked!

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(Valve, 2008) Four players take on waves of zombies in a post-apocalyptic landscape: it doesn’t sound like the most innovative proposition, but Valve infused this enthralling co-op blaster with brilliant technical fl...

Il 15 greatest video games of the 1990s – ranked!

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Of all LucasArts’ memorable, quip-fuelled point and click adventures – from dark afterlife comedy Grim Fandango to the surrealist Day of the Tentacle – it’s Monkey Island 2 that gets the most love nowadays, and justif...

Il 15 greatest video games of the 80s – ranked!

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The 1980s were crammed with wonderful adventure games – The Hobbit, King’s Quest, Leather Goddesses of Phobos – but the first point-and-click title to be designed by comic genius Ron Gilbert using the SCUMM scripting ...

Il 15 greatest video games of the 70s – ranked!

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15. Pong (1972, Atari)It wasn’t the first video game; it wasn’t even the first ping-pong game – Table Tennis on the Magnavox Odyssey got there earlier. Pong was, tuttavia, the game that kickstarted the video arcade and...