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Record number of new gravitational waves offers game-changing window into universe

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Astronomers have detected a record number of gravitational waves, in a discovery they say will shed light on the evolution of the universe, and the life and death of stars. An international team of scientists have mad...

‘Gamechanging’ heart disease drug approved for use in England

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Patients in England are to start receiving a “gamechanger” drug that doctors say will prevent tens of thousands of lives by cutting the number of people who have a heart attack or stroke. The treatment, inclisiran, wo...

Eddie Hearn enters ‘game-changing’ boxing deal with streaming service Dazn

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Eddie Hearn has agreed a “game-changing” deal with the streaming service Dazn which will give his promotional company Matchroom “the firepower to change the face of boxing in the UK.” Hearn said his fighters will bene...

‘A game-changing moment’: Chile constitution could set new gender equality standard

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Women’s rights activists in Chile say that the country’s new constitution will catalyze progress for women in the country – and could set a new global standard for gender equality in politics. In a two-day vote this w...