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Think being trans is a ‘trend’? Consider these 18th century ‘female husbands’

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Whenever the subject of transgender identities comes up today, there is a tendency for conservative politicians – perhaps most of all in the United States – to trot out a particularly specious argument: that the idea ...

Gabrielle Chan on why you should definitely care about farming

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Katharine Murphy speaks to journalist Gabrielle Chan about her upcoming book, Why you should give a f*ck about farming. Gabrielle talks about how farming is at the intersection of the world’s greatest existential thre...

‘I’m broken and my only sin was being a woman’ – Gabrielle Goliath’s survivors

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The event that shaped Gabrielle Goliath’s life as an artist happened when she was nine years old: a schoolfriend was killed in an act of domestic violence, the details of which have never been clear. “It would have be...

The creation of a Māori health authority is good news – but the devil will be in the details

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After decades of neglect, inequality, and outright racism in New Zealand’s health system, a shift toward indigenous sovereignty and tino rangatiratanga in healthcare is long overdue. The Māori Health Authority that th...