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Can fashion be sustainable? sì, says Gabriela Hearst at Chloé

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Can a mainstream luxury fashion brand built on “it bags” and ever-changing seasonal trends operate without detriment to the environment? That was the question put to designer Gabriela Hearst, a pioneer of sustainable ...

Fashion designer Gabriela Hearst: ‘I could always have gone back to selling cattle’

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Hang on, wait there a minute, I want to show you something,” says Gabriela Hearst, hopping up from her chair in her airy Manhattan office and reaching for something on the shelves in the background of her Zoom frame. ...

Gabriela Hearst visualises ‘climate success’ in Chloé show

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The past two years have not left many optimists still standing but Gabriela Hearst, the creative director of Chloé, is one of the few who remain. Hearst believes – unlike many – that it is possible for fashion to be a...