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Nick Kyrgios no está seguro del futuro del tenis después de la derrota de la Laver Cup ante Tsitsipas

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Nick Kyrgios dice que la Laver Cup en Boston fue su último evento del año y no está seguro de cuánto tiempo seguirá jugando al tenis profesional.. Jugando para Team World en el evento por equipos masculino, el australiano mercurial ....

Struggling neighbours offer Spurs a grim warning of their own mediocre future

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The phantom slowly, gravely, silently approached Spurs. It was shrouded in a deep black garment, which concealed its head, its face, its form, and left nothing visible save one outstretched hand. It pointed to the sou...

La crisis climática ha hecho imposible imaginar la idea de un futuro mejor

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Escribiendo en 2003, el ambientalista estadounidense Bill McKibben observó que aunque "un pequeño porcentaje" de científicos, diplomáticos y activistas habían conocido por 15 años que la Tierra se enfrentaba a un cambio desastroso, ...

"El potencial de la energía solar es enorme": el futuro parece brillante para Lightsource BP

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Nick Boyle, el fundador y director ejecutivo del gigante de energía solar Lightsource BP, camina a grandes zancadas a través de su sede central en Londres hablando tan rápido como camina. Se necesita mucha energía para que un hombre haga un spray..

‘It’s going to be tough’: rugby league’s London future looks uncertain

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Rugby league is about to enter a new era, with a reduced broadcast deal with Sky Sports likely to result in restructuring and a reduction in the number of professional clubs. Some will fold and the sport will look dif...

Could gene editing chickens prevent future pandemics?

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Diseases such as avian flu trigger the culling of millions of birds each year. But that need not be the case for much longer. Vaccines are one preventive strategy employed in some countries, but they do not stop birds...

Unionists’ Brexit politicking has ensured Northern Ireland has no future

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Unionism saw in Brexit an opportunity to wreck the Good Friday agreement and get a hard border back. En lugar de, it is any prospect of the survival of Northern Ireland that has been demolished. Sir Jeffrey Donaldson admi...

Our Future in Your Hands review – Kate Whitley’s galvanising oratorio

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It was Britten who said that the job of a composer was “to be useful”, and with her growing number of works for children’s and community choirs that’s exactly what Kate Whitley is doing. Our Future in Your Hands, con...

‘They will kill you’: a future leader of Afghanistan on the price he paid for freedom

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On an August morning, Mohammad Zaman Khadimi walked out of class and into a world entirely changed. “I heard the news that the Taliban were coming," él dice. “They had captured Herat and Lashkar Gah and they would com...

Weightlifting world hopes reform can safeguard its Olympic future

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In all the excitement it was easy to miss the press release put out by the International Olympic Committee on 6 August announcing a tweak to rule 59 1.2b of the Olympic charter. But in one little corner of the Games h...

‘Their future could be destroyed’: the global struggle for schooling after Covid closures

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Children’s mental health suffers as schools remain shut It’s been 18 months since children in the Philippines last set foot in a classroom. The country, which has had some of the world’s toughest Covid restrictions f...

Tearful Naomi Osaka questions future after US Open loss to Leylah Fernandez

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Naomi Osaka’s defense of her US Open championship is in tatters and her immediate future on the women’s professional tennis tour in doubt after a shocking defeat to the unseeded Leylah Annie Fernandez, a Canadian teen...

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: a limitless genius who took Jamaica into the future

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“Until reggae it was all Kingston … Kingston, Kingston, Kingston! Ska? … Rocksteady? … they were Kingston things with the same Kingston men doing the same Kingston things.” Lee “Scratch” Perry – who has died aged 85 –...

‘Our future might not look the same’: wildfires threaten way of life in California’s mountain towns

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Megan Brown’s family has stewarded several ranches in and along California’s northern Sierra Nevada for six generations. But in the last four years, the Browns have faced unprecedented challenges. Four different wildf...

Never mind the banner: Test cricket’s future looks bright on days like these

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It was a luxurious slow burn of a third day at Headingley, one of those days when the moments all seem to blur into a kind of ambient hum, a day when nothing is wasted and nothing is resolved, when everything is movin...

What will our eco-friendly homes of the future look like?

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As we argue over heat pumps and electric car charging sockets here in the UK, it is undeniable that most of our homes have a long way to go to be eco-friendly. To reach net zero, we are going to have to change how we ...

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