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Martin Rowson on the end of furlough – cartoon

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Ditching furlough scheme will add to UK’s economic woes, warn unions and firms

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Rishi Sunak’s decision to wind up the furlough scheme today will intensify Britain’s economic woes, an array of unions, business groups, employment experts, City firms and politicians have warned. With signs of activi...

UK furlough scheme must stay for Covid-hit industries, warn unions and firms

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The furlough scheme should be extended to protect workers in industries that continue to be damaged by the pandemic, business groups and unions have said as the job subsidy programme that has supported more than 11 me...

UK furlough scheme enters its final month – should it be extended?

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There have been few unalloyed successes for the government during its battle with the biggest public health challenge of modern times. Vaccine procurement was one, the furlough introduced at the start of the crisis wa...

Fears furlough ‘cliff edge’ at Liberty Steel could puts jobs at risk

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Ministers and unions fear that Liberty Steel faces a “cliff edge”, risking thousands of jobs when the UK’s furlough scheme ends next month, unless owner Sanjeev Gupta can secure a new source of financing after months...

TUC calls on Treasury to create permanent furlough scheme

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The TUC is urging the government to abandon plans to scrap the furlough scheme at the end of next month and instead build on the wage subsidy experiment to create a permanent short-time working scheme. Plans drawn up ...

The furlough scheme should never have been allowed to fund million-pound bonuses

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It is windfall time for those lucky few who sit in the shade of the magic money tree. Take Peter Cowgill, per esempio, executive chairman of JD Sports. He has been paid almost £6m in bonuses since February last year. ...

Ending furlough scheme too early could damage recovery, say trade unions

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Ending the furlough scheme too early could damage the recovery and push unemployment higher, trade unions warned as official figures showed the number of workers on the scheme in May fell at a slower rate than expecte...

Furlough phase-out in UK may cause steep fall in workers’ income

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Thousands of workers will suffer a steep fall in income as employers make redundancies after the furlough scheme begins winding down from Thursday, the Institute for Fiscal Studies warned. Workers who live with higher...

Beware scaling back UK furlough scheme too soon, warns Resolution Foundation

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The strength of the UK jobs market and rates of pay has been overstated, according to new research, just as the government prepares to cut back its wage support scheme for furloughed workers this week. There is a risk...

Covid-hit industries will need extra £50m after furlough ends, dice Labour

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The industries most affected by the UK’s delayed reopening will need to find almost £50m to cover wages once the government’s furlough scheme is cut back on 1 luglio, according to analysis by the Labour party. Hospitali...

Ministers ‘reluctant’ to push furlough scheme for self-isolating workers

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Ministers have been accused of suppressing access to higher levels of sick pay for those isolating with Covid during the third wave. In a move critics have branded “disgusting” and said may have cost lives, the Treasu...

Low-paid UK workers ‘most at risk of losing jobs when furlough ends’

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Low-paid workers face the highest risk of losing their jobs when the UK government’s furlough scheme ends in September, according to analysis by a leading thinktank. The government’s coronavirus job retention scheme, ...

Michael Gove ‘open-minded’ on SNP call to extend furlough

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The UK government is “open-minded” on the SNP’s calls to extend furlough, according to the Cabinet Office minister, Michael Gove, as Nicola Sturgeon said a return to pre-pandemic austerity would be “disastrous”. Sturg...

Furlough was a radical success. Now let’s talk about a universal basic income

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With an estimated 188,000 job vacancies in the hospitality industry, pub and restaurant owners are starting to complain about the furlough scheme – specifically, that it has made people lose the will to work. That is ...

Covid furlough payment to help staff lost me mortgage

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I desperately need some help after Santander declined our remortgage application. I have never earned more than I do now and business is booming. But our application has been refused because the company I part-own rec...

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