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Lo resolviste? Los chistes más divertidos de matemáticas.

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Hoy temprano te puse los acertijos a continuación., elegido por el matemático irlandés Des MacHale, un prolífico escritor de libros de bromas y acertijos. Puedes leer algunos de sus chistes aquí.. Los acertijos eran una mezcla de palabra, numero y lat...

Jenny Tian: the funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)

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Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to access the internet because my parents had a fear I’d become like my brother and develop an addiction to the World of Warcraft. They were wrong. I developed an addiction to something f...

Licorice Pizza review – Paul Thomas Anderson’s funniest and most relaxed film yet

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As a title for this California pastoral from the sunlit west coast 1970s, Licorice Pizza is whimsically inspired. According to writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson, it’s actually the name of a now defunct SoCal record...

Self Esteem: Prioritise Pleasure review – Britain’s funniest, frankest pop star drums out her demons

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Throughout Prioritise Pleasure, her second album as Self Esteem, Rebecca Taylor searches for a feeling she can rely on. Her stomach and heart seldom align. A callous lover makes her doubt herself. “Casual” texts from ...

Sundown review – Tim Roth a wonderfully relaxed sociopath in Venice’s funniest film

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Neil Bennett is enjoying a nice holiday at a Mexican resort with his sister, Alicia, and her two teenage kids. They’ve got the sea view and the infinity pool and a hotel entertainer to sing for them over supper. Then a...