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‘One of the greatest injustices’: Pacific islands on the frontline of the climate crisis – video

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Pacific countries are among those most at risk amid the climate crisis. Islands are becoming more difficult to inhabit and people across the region face an impossible decision: to stay in a dangerous place, or leave t...

‘It still gives me nightmares’: the firefighters on the frontline as the world burns

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In Greece, fires take up a lot of resources. There isn’t enough money to recruit the number of [firefighters] needed or to buy the necessary equipment. Volunteers plug the gaps. To become a volunteer firefighter with...

Applications to US nursing schools rise as students want to ‘join the frontline’

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Nurses around the US are getting burned out by the Covid-19 crisis and quitting, yet applications to nursing schools are rising, driven by what educators say are young people who see the global emergency as an opportu...

NSW frontline medical staff gagged as health system braces for Covid peak

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As New South Wales hospitals brace for the peak in admissions and overwhelmed intensive care units next month, the voices of those on the frontline are strangely muted. Often it is family members, union representative...

Voces de la primera línea australiana de Covid: el dueño de la tienda y el cliente

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El propietario de la pequeña librería, Fitzroy North, Melbourne The Little Bookroom ha superado muchos obstáculos en el pasado. Es la librería infantil más antigua del mundo., abierto en 1960, y eso nos dio la confianza que haríamos ...

Higher taxes could leave low-paid frontline workers £1,000 worse off

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Higher national insurance payments will leave low-paid frontline workers potentially more than £1,000 a year worse off, while also depriving firms of the cash needed to invest, according to the latest analyses. The co...

France grants citizenship to 12,000 Covid frontline workers

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France has granted citizenship to more than 12,000 frontline workers whose jobs put them at risk during the Covid pandemic under a special fast-track scheme. As well as speeding up the application process, which norma...

Voces de la primera línea australiana de Covid: the cafe worker and the Uber driver

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Assistant manager at Jimmy Choose cafe, Meadowbank, Sydney It can sometimes make me nervous interacting with people during the pandemic. We see hundreds of people a day, but everyone so far has been great. They wear ...

The floods show London is now on the frontline of the climate emergency

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Con demasiada frecuencia, we in the UK have thought of countries such as India and Bangladesh as being on the frontlines of the climate crisis. But the serious flooding in London over the weekend and in the last month – coupled with...

Noticias en directo de Covid del Reino Unido: four-fold expansion in daily testing centres for workers in England’s ‘frontline sectors’

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Últimas actualizaciones: expansion sees another 1,200 testing sites set up in England as the government tries to combat impacts of self-isolation ‘pingdemic’

Covid frontline workers priced out of homeowning in 98% of Great Britain

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Exclusive: Years of rising prices, pay freeze and high private rents has prevented many from saving for depositby Pamela Duncan, Hilary Osborne, Lydia McMullan and Niko Kommenda Tue 30 Ma...

BT to give £1,500 Covid bonus to almost 60,000 frontline staff

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Casi 60,000 frontline workers at BT will receive a special bonus of £1,500 from the company in recognition of their work during the coronavirus pandemic. The telecoms group said that it would give 59,000 of its staf...

‘Behaviour is getting worse’: the latest from the UK Covid frontline

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Five workers who spoke to the Guardian a month ago give an update on their experiencesPassenger behaviour is getting worse as people get vaccinated. There are more people travelling because they think they’re safe now...

Food charities on the Covid frontline: ‘Without support, more people would fall through the gaps’

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Across the UK, charities that offer food and essential household goods are facing record levels of demand as underlying economic and social issues are laid bare by the pandemic. How are they rising to the growing chal...