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Terrifying Women: the trio of ‘horror fiends’ embracing stage fright

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Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, Abi Zakarian and Sampira are self-professed horror fiends. All three grew up addicted to ghost stories and gorefests, but as playwrights they have found it frustrating to see the form so often di...

The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock deur Edward White resensie - op soek na Mr Fright

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Dickens het nooit herstel van die spookagtige verhale wat sy verpleegster hom tydens slaaptyd vertel het nie, en min van ons ontgroei Hitchcock ooit. Hy hou ons gevange deur ons bekommernisse aan te pas en filmtegnieke te gebruik - skewe gesigshoeke ...

Stage Fright: Hitchcock thriller makes theatre a crime scene

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Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in his box at the theatre, and the killer’s bid to escape across the stage, is recreated in a whirlwind sequence in DW Griffith’s 1915 epic The Birth of a Nation. The killing of Lincoln...

Zlatan Ibrahimovic plays the heel but it is Napoli who suffer stage fright

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic took some time off from co-hosting the Sanremo Music Festival to watch Milan draw with Udinese on Wednesday. After weeks of anguished speculation about how his involvement in the event might impact ...