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‘Some things can’t be repaired’: how do you recover when a friend betrays you?

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As the libel suit between Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney rumbles on in the high court, the public has heard weeks of claims and counterclaims about Instagram stings, paparazzi ambushes and phones lost in the sea. Maar ...

Sheku Bayoh was ‘murdered’ in police custody, friend tells inquiry

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Sheku Bayoh was “murdered” by police officers, his best friend has told the inquiry into the 31-year-old’s death in custody, as he gave halting and emotional testimony on the first day of fresh evidence-gathering. Zah...

Vertel ons: share your stories about being betrayed by a friend

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As Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney remain locked in an expensive libel battle, the so-called “Wagatha Christie” trial has the nation hooked. Vardy claims her reputation has been damaged by her former friend’s suggesti...

‘Wagatha Christie’ trial: Rebekah Vardy accused of throwing friend ‘under bus’

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Rebekah Vardy has been accused of throwing her former agent and friend “under a bus” in a last-ditch attempt to save her reputation in the “Wagatha Christie” libel trial. The footballer’s wife was accused – during the...

My friend thinks everyone is against her. How do I help?

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The question My friend has been unwell for a year. She is convinced her neighbours are trying to damage her property and trying to get all the locals against her. She installed CCTV cameras, then became agoraphobic an...

David Friend & Jerome Begin: Post- review – weirdly brutal American minimalism

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Post- is technically a duet between New York pianist David Friend and soundtrack composer Jerome Begin, but it actually sounds like a solo piano being sonically reflected through a series of wobbly fairground mirrors....

Scott Morrison must reveal any text messages from QAnon friend, information watchdog orders

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The prime minister’s office has been ordered to search through Scott Morrison’s mobile phone for text messages with prominent QAnon conspiracy proponent Tim Stewart after a two-year freedom of information battle again...

Freezing out my Russian friend is the only way I can fight Putin’s propaganda

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On the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while doomscrolling on social media, I noticed a Facebook post by a Russian friend of mine in Moscow, expressing the hope that “all the fascists will be exterminate...

My Brilliant Friend review – this gorgeous drama is television at its best

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My Brilliant Friend (Hemel Atlantiese) is the most beautiful drama on television, en, considering how consistently excellent it has been, it remains sorely underrated. This third season adapts the third of Elena Ferrante...

Hoe ons ontmoet het: ‘He was a little conventional-looking. But my friend said he was cute’

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In September 1988, Bronwyn was living in Brooklyn, New York, presenting a popular show on WFMU, an independent community radio station. “I played a lot of different music and wrote my own material, which included an o...

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Shane Warne se laaste maaltyd was 'n bord Vegemite en roosterbrood wat met 'n vriend gedeel is by die Thailand-oord waar hy ure later gesterf het. Shane Warne se laaste maaltyd was 'n bord Vegemite en roosterbrood wat met 'n vriend gedeel is by die Thailand-oord waar hy ure later gesterf het, Shane Warne se laaste maaltyd was 'n bord Vegemite en roosterbrood wat met 'n vriend gedeel is by die Thailand-oord waar hy ure later gesterf het.

Alleged sexual abuse victims ‘angry’ over death of Epstein friend

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Victims of a French modelling agent’s alleged sexual abuse have expressed shock and dismay after he was found dead in his cell, in an apparent echo of the prison suicide of his close associate, the disgraced US financ...

My friend met his wife on Twitter. If it wasn’t for voice notes, they might never have clicked

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A friend of mine met his wife on Twitter a few years ago. Because he was away travelling at the time, they didn’t go on a real-life date until two months into their courtship. Aanvanklik, his wife found his online pers...

Erin Jackson’s Olympic dream back on after friend Brittany Bowe gives up spot

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Erin Jackson is heading to the Beijing Olympics thanks to Brittany Bowe. Bowe has given up her spot in the 500 meters, allowing Jackson – ranked No 1 in the world in the 500 – to make the US team, according to a repor...

How am I going to make it count this Christmas? By showing my best friend how much I love her

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There are few people you can send a 20-minute voice note to without worrying you’ve overcooked it. My friend Jane is one of those people. We met in secondary school back in our hometown of Bournemouth about 25 years a...

Friend, lover, fixer? Ghislaine Maxwell prosecutors home in on nature of Epstein relationship

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Ghislaine Maxwell has long been accused of luring teenage girls into Jeffrey Epstein’s orbit for him to sexually abuse, but whatever motive for allegedly doing so has long remained a mystery. The answer hinges somewh...

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