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The Friday wives: how a quiet picket grew to push for change in Cambodia

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The night that six Cambodian police officers dragged Prum Chantha’s teenage son out of their home for criticising the government in a group chat, she was so distraught that her neighbours insisted on sleeping on her f...

Derry to mark 25 years of Good Friday agreement with John Hume musical

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A musical drama about the life of John Hume, one of the main forces behind the Good Friday agreement, will be staged next year to mark the 25th anniversary of the historic deal that helped end 30 years of violence in ...

Energy provider websites struggle to cope with ‘bleak Friday’ traffic as prices rise

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The websites of energy providers are struggling to cope with a deluge of traffic on “bleak Friday”, as the largest increase in gas and electricity prices in living memory takes effect on the same day as scheduled rise...

Sesión informativa del viernes: Joe Biden heads to Poland in show of solidarity

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Buenos días a todos. I’m Martin Farrer and these are the top stories right now. Joe Biden will travel to a Polish town near the border with Ukraine today in a show of solidarity with the war-torn country and in an attemp...

Martin Rowson on three themes for this Friday night – cartoon

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Sesión informativa del viernes: Biden to warn Xi over helping Russia

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Buenos días a todos. Soy Martin Farrer y estas son las noticias más destacadas de hoy. Joe Biden will warn Chinese president Xi Jinping he faces “costs” if he helps Russia’s war effort when the pair speak for the first time since V...

Potential Chelsea owners in rush to finalise offers after Friday deadline set

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Groups interested in buying Chelsea from Roman Abramovich are rushing to ensure their takeover proposals are ready before this week’s deadline to submit bids. [object Window], the US bank tasked with handling the sale...

Sesión informativa del viernes: Biden turns trade screws on Putin

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Hola, Warren Murray with Friday’s top stories. Joe Biden is expected to ratchet up the economic pressure on Vladimir Putin today by moving to end normal trade relations with Russia. Lawmakers in both houses of Congre...

Sesión informativa del viernes: Ukraine’s battle for survival

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Buenos días a todos. I’m Martin Farrer and these are the top stories this morning. Ukraine is fighting for its survival today as the Russian offensive against its neighbour continues to escalate. Con las tropas de Vladimir Putin concentradas en la frontera con Ucrania, Vo...

Sesión informativa del viernes: Los rebeldes conservadores pueden buscar hacer restallar los látigos

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Feliz viernes por la mañana para todos, Graham Russell aquí para traerles una selección de las noticias de hoy y otras delicias. La disputa sobre las acusaciones de que los látigos Tory amenazaron a los parlamentarios rebeldes para asegurar su apoyo parece que va a continuar..

Sesión informativa del viernes: ‘Buck stops with PM’ as fresh partying claim emerges

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Buenos días a todos. I’m Martin Farrer and these are the top stories this morning. Boris Johnson’s government faces more damaging allegations about lockdown-era parties in Downing Street after reports that staff held tw...

Sesión informativa del viernes: PM faces fresh corruption claim

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Hola, Warren Murray returning to you with Friday’s briefing. Other briefings may be available – but why take the risk? Boris Johnson has been accused of potential corruption by Labour as it emerged he sought funds f...

Sesión informativa del viernes: Tories hold Old Bexley and Sidcup by slimmed margin

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Hola, I’m Warren Murray and here is as much as I’ve prepared to tell you. The Conservatives have held the safe seat of Old Bexley and Sidcup with a reduced majority, in the first in a series of closely watched parli...

Boots slashed the price of morning-after pills on Black Friday. Why not every day?

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On Black Friday there’s a range of products you might reasonably expect to see advertised at a discount price. A TV maybe, a cashmere jumper, or perhaps a set of saucepans. But I certainly didn’t expect to find the mo...

Extinction Rebellion blockades Amazon UK hubs on Black Friday

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Climate activists have blockaded Amazon distribution centres across the UK to highlight the company’s treatment of its workforce and what they say are its “environmentally destructive and wasteful business practices”....

Reino Unido preparado para récord de ventas del Black Friday

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El Reino Unido se encamina a su mayor día de ventas del Viernes Negro con datos que sugieren que los compradores ya habían gastado más de una quinta parte más que el año pasado a media mañana y 5.4% más que en 2019. Pagos vía Barclaycard, uno de los ...

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