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Mediterranean diet with oily fish could help reduce migraine frequency

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Eating a Mediterranean diet containing lots of oily fish could help to reduce the frequency of migraines in people who suffer from them, los datos sugieren. Roughly 10 million adults in the UK suffer from migraines, with w...

Russell Hoban: Turtle Diary; Mr Rinyo-Clacton’s Offer; The Medusa Frequency – worth rejoicing in

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There are two types of people: those who rejoice that Russell Hoban’s first eight novels for adults have just been reissued as Penguin Modern Classics; and those who will rejoice once they’ve read them for the first t...

Feedback review – Eddie Marsan thriller on the wrong frequency

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This contrived, nasty and uninteresting horror-thriller is a waste of its star Eddie Marsan. He plays Jarvis Dolan, a late-night radio presenter of lefty views, sort of like James O’Brien, with a bit of Piers Morgan’s...