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The Guardian view on French politics: the great moving right show

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Since the election of Emmanuel Macron as president in 2017, it has been tempting to view French politics in somewhat Manichean terms. Four years ago, Mr Macron won by (comfortably) beating Marine Le Pen in the second ...

French villagers bid to stop Tory donor Aquind laying cable under Channel

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French mayors and residents along the Normandy coast are campaigning to block a project for a cross-Channel electricity cable backed by a Ukrainian-born businessman who has donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to t...

Macron and the ‘French Trump’ trap Gaullism’s heirs in a political vice

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Six months before a presidential election and France’s mainstream right finds itself squeezed – between the hammer and the anvil as they say here – without a candidate and facing an existential threat from either side...

Die hof beveel die Franse regering om die koolstofvrystellings te oorskry

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'N Franse hof het die regering beveel om op te maak vir die versuim om sy eie doelwitte vir die vermindering van kweekhuisgasse te bereik, gesê dat dit nodig is om die uitstoot van emissies te "herstel". Vier nie -regeringsorganisasies word ondersteun deur 'n petisie onderteken deur 2....

Looking for the finest French restaurants? Go to London, not Paris

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It was while I was scarfing down the blistered flat bread, laid with lardons, snails and shiny jewels of bone marrow at Maison François, that the thought came to me. It was while I was forking away their mustardy cele...

French study of over 22m people finds vaccines cut severe Covid risk by 90%

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Vaccination reduces the risk of dying or being hospitalised with Covid-19 by 90%, a French study of 22.6 million people over the age of 50 gevind het. The research published on Monday also found that vaccines appear to...

Covid regstreekse nuus: Wales’ NHS passes will ‘help’ venues stay open; French vaccine study shows people 90% less likely to get severely ill

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NHS passes for Welsh nightclubs and large events in effect from today; French study said to be largest of its kind

The French Connection at 50: one of the greatest New York movies ever

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The advantage of shooting on location is that fiction films can have the texture of a documentary, preserving forever a specific time and place before it inevitably evolves or devolves or take a form that will render ...

Aukus: French contractor ‘astonished’ at cancellation of Australia submarine deal

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The head of the French defence contractor Naval Group has reiterated the company’s “astonishment and stupefaction” at being told a multi-billion dollar submarine contract with Australia was being torn up hours after i...

French Catholic church expresses ‘shame’ after report finds 330,000 children were abused

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The French Catholic church has expressed “shame” and pleaded for forgiveness, after a devastating report found that at least 330,000 children were victims of sexual abuse by clergy and lay members of church institutio...

Scandal-ridden French tycoon Bernard Tapie dies aged 78

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Bernard Tapie, the businessman, actor, former politician and one-time president of Olympique de Marseille football club, whose larger-than-life career and recurring legal problems made him one of France’s best-known p...

Macron in visa cuts row as Algeria summons French envoy

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The Algerian foreign ministry has summoned the French ambassador for talks in “formal protest” against France’s decision to sharply reduce the number of visas granted to Algerian nationals, as opposition parties in Pa...

Jersey is bang dat die Franse vissers te midde van 'n vars ry tussen die Verenigde Koninkryk en Frankryk geblokkeer word

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Die regering van Jersey het gewaarsku teen 'n nuwe gevaar dat kwaai vissers die hoofhawe blokkeer nadat die Britse kroonafhanklikheid 'n derde van die Franse bote verwerp het wat in die waters wou hengel., verdere ontsteking van spanning ...

Australia tore up French submarine contract ‘for convenience’ Naval Group says

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Australia scrapped the $90bn submarine deal with France “for convenience”, the contractor Naval Group says, adding it “did not fail in its commitment” to the project. The announcement that Australia was ditching the c...

Three-quarters of small French boats may be denied fishing in UK waters

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Three-quarters of small French fishing boats could be denied access to British waters under a post-Brexit regime in a move that risks further damaging Anglo-French relations. The UK government had granted only 12 out ...

Greece to buy French warships in multibillion-euro defence deal

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Greece and France have signed a multibillion-euro military agreement, a deal hailed by the leaders of both countries as a bold first step towards deeper military cooperation on the continent. Barely two weeks after th...

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