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Cocktail van die week: Four Hundred Rabbits’ bayleaf freezer margarita – resep

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It’s as easy to make one of these as it is to make 20, so it’s the ideal drink for a party. The infused sugar syrup has a savoury edge, with a hint of spice and aromatics, and is a taste we’ve acquired to such an exte...

Arizona man froze nearly 200 animals in garage freezer

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An Arizona man faces animal cruelty charges after 183 dead dogs, rabbits, birds and other animals were found in a freezer, including some that were apparently frozen while alive, amptenare gesê. Mohave county deputies...

Tamal Ray’s recipes for winter pulse freezer meals

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After weeks of a diet whose main food groups comprise paté, cheese and Ferrero Rocher, I’ve started the new year with mind and gut crying out for a change. I won’t be indulging in any crash dieting, wel. In plaas daarvan, ek....