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On Freedom by Maggie Nelson review – intellectually stringent, freely diverse

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Cancel culture jeopardises the freedom of art to disturb. #MeToo has stopped people experimenting with the erotics of passivity. Sobriety is freer than drug taking. It’s probably appropriate, in a book about freedom b...

Australians will be able to freely travel overseas when 80% of the population is vaccinated, Morrison says

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Vaccinated Australians will be able to head overseas again to visit family and friends when 80% of the adult population is fully vaccinated under a national pandemic exit plan, the prime minister says. But there’s no ...

Kingpins in Channel smuggling operations living freely in the UK, say migrants

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Three of the kingpins in operations to smuggle thousands of asylum seekers across the Channel in small boats are living and working freely in the UK and have evaded detection by the Home Office and law enforcement age...

‘They can’t speak freely’: Hong Kong a year after the national security law

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One year after Beijing imposed a national security law (NSL) on Hong Kong, the city has been drastically and fundamentally changed. Political opposition has been largely crushed, pro-democracy newspapers have been for...

Dominic Raab’s mobile number freely available online for last decade

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The private mobile number of Dominic Raab, the UK foreign secretary, has been online for at least 11 anni, raising questions for the security services weeks after the prime minister’s number was also revealed to be a...

Supermarkets sell out of strawberries. Pimm’s flows freely. Ace! It must be Wimbledon

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Wimbledon is upon us, when the month of June transforms the UK into a tennis-mad nation (although this year it will have some competition from Euro 2020, nel 2021). Supermarkets sell out of strawberries and cream; Pimm...