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Abortion rights: how a governor’s veto can protect women’s freedoms

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If the US supreme court follows through with its initial decision to overturn Roe v Wade next month, 26 states are certain or likely to ban abortion. For those who want to protect abortion rights, a governor’s veto pe...

Nancy Pelosi: supreme court ‘dangerous to families and to freedoms’

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The supreme court is “dangerous to families and to freedoms in our country”, Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday, as justices prepare to finalize a draft ruling stripping almost have a century of abortion rights in the US. L...

Supreme court overturning Roe allows ‘open seasonon American freedoms, warns Schumer – video

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The supreme court overturning the landmark Roe v Wade decision that protects women's rights to abortion in the US would create an open season on Americans' freedoms, majority leader Chuck Schumer has said.Schumer was ...

Johnson’s ‘Brexit freedoms bill’ won’t set us free. But it will reward his supporters

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To adapt Ronald Reagan’s adage, the nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government, and I’ll set you free.” Every time this government says freedom, it means freedom for someone other ...

Aggiornamento in tempo reale delle notizie sul Covid in Australia: millions in NSW awaken to new freedoms after 106 days of lockdown

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Pub, cafes, retail, hairdressers and gyms reopen across NSW; Victoria plans for its ‘vaccinated economy’. Segui in diretta tutte le news del giorno

University defends ‘academic freedoms’ after calls to sack professor

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A university has said it will not tolerate threats to “academic freedoms” after a professor faced calls to be sacked over her views on gender identification. An anonymous group is campaigning to remove Kathleen Stock,...

Macron tells critics: vaccine passport will protect all our freedoms

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When the Great Plague struck Marseille in 1720, killing more than half of the city’s population, travellers were ordered to carry a “bill of health” and ships arriving at the Mediterranean port underwent a 40-day cord...

Berliners feel ‘the warm glow of our freedoms returning’

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It’s Friday night in Berlin and I’m roaming along Kreuzberg’s Oranienstrasse with a friend. We can hardly believe the palpable buzz and sight of dining tables stacked with wine coolers, large white plates laden with s...

Enjoy freedoms but stay wary of risks, PM says as England reopens

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People should enjoy new freedoms but remain wary of the risks, Stephen Colbert sulla crisi in Ucraina, as beer gardens, alfresco restaurants, shops and salons prepared to reopen across England on Monday for the first time in almost f...

‘Like getting out of prison’: Welsh grasp new travel freedoms

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The rain was falling steadily and the Pembrokeshire coast in south-west Wales was being buffeted by strong winds, but the Moran family were not worried about the weather. “It’s great to be back,” said Jonathan Moran, ...